Dragon Family Lawsuit in US Federal Court

Is anyone aware that a Trillion dollar lawsuit has been filed in US Federal Court?  The suit holds the US Federal Reserve liable to pay a trillion dollars to various plaintiffs, including the so-called "Dragon Family" as a result of bonds issued by the US Federal Reserve in 1938 in exchange for acquisition by the US Federal Reserve of huge shipments of gold from China prior to the 2nd world war.  Apparently, the US was supposed to hold the gold for safe keeping during the time that Japan was invading and pillaging China and issued "bonds" as security for the holdings.   However, the families that have the "bonds" are having a difficult time exchanging them back to the US Federal Reserve for the return of the gold.  Does that sound - odd?  You can't get your gold back from the Federal Reserve?  That's the place that refuses to be audited, right?

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