Voter fraud in Wayne County has been very high in the past. This
election promises to be no different. ACORN (or derivatives of it) will
be out in force to sway the election in favor of the current
administration. We can't control how people vote, but we sure can make
sure that one person gets one vote.

Those that attended the meeting Tuesday night (9/21/10) heard Sharon explain that we will be pushing to get poll watchers at as many voting Precincts as possible. Attached to this blog post are forms and information you will need to become a poll watcher. Please take time to read them and understand what you are getting into.

As always, your participation and support will be greatly appreciated.

EDO Handout - Sharon Lollio PDF.pdf
EDO Sign Up Sheet - Sharon Lollio PDF.pdf
Help stop Acorn.a.rtf


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