Endoctrination of "Socialism" In our Universities and Schools

As has been brought to the fore front by the election of Obama and the Democratic "Progressive" party of major majority, liberalism and socialism is and has been pushed and driven into the minds of our children through the public public school system and their unionized teachers. And as Schools (Universities) were the problem in during the Vietnam War socially, they are using the universities to further their idealism in our children. The text books are all slanted towards socialism,& marxism. They teach nothing of American History, nothing of our great Constitution, or even the breakdown of how our government works. Professors such such as Ward Churchhill, and and Obamas long time friend and confidant Bill Ayres and those like them need to be expelled from our universities, and these professors cannot teach in an unbiased method, then they should not be allowed to teach our children.University of Michigan currently displays on campus advertisements to attend campus meetings on the so-called "Benefits of Socialism" of which there are none of course.A Democratic Liberal Progessive push on our children again.It is up to you as parents to reverse this negative trend.

What is happening has been the backbone of the liberal Democratic Party for years now, and only now with Obama's forced agenda across the board, and his acute lack of how to run this country it is becoming more clearer. I have said this before the Democratic party for at least the last 45 years has been a detriment to this country, laiden with corruption, and crookery, they have only thier own best interests at heart and use you as a tool to get what they want through control. They care not for your social welfare, they have broken and used every entitlement program they or anyone else has instrumented as a tax vehicle, look at Medicare-broke and bankrupt, look at social security-broke and bankrupt, and now they are ready willing and possibly able to desomate this country further with "Healthcare Reform" a more than one trillion dollar entitlement that absolutely cannot be sustained, addded to already bursting defecit that we cannot afford and sold out to Communist China through Obama's Policies and actions.

What is happening today with the Democrats should be remembered for a very long time to come, when you vote, and your voting Straight Republican Ticket should be your choice and the only choice, for of the two they are your best choice if you know what is good for you, and remember nothing is free, like yoiu may have thought when and if you voted for the current socialists you have put in our White House. Starting in 2010 make amends for your errors.

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Comment by Mr. Lynn McKeith on March 5, 2010 at 3:53pm
For those of you are unaware of the meaning of socialism and it's indoctriation and implementation by the Obama Administration it is simply put the following: Government coinbtrol of you very lives and everything you use to subside in life, currently Obamacare, If the government gets into your healthcare, they effectively control every aspect of your life.........Do you want that? I do not think so!........They already control a large portion of your lives, that control should be limited by smaller govermment for one thing, you do not want more.
Obama through the ignorance of the public took many of you in, giving you the thoughts thoughts and imporessions that he was going to supply you with everything you need for life including free healthcare, and you people bought it, by voting for this adminsitartion you have furthered the "Indoctrination of Socialism" going on in this countries schools. Remeber this Qoute" Nations crumble from within when the citizenry asks of government those things which the citizenry might better provide for itself. ... hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts. —Ronald Reagan Unquote
Comment by Mr. Lynn McKeith on March 5, 2010 at 3:36pm
Sharon I am not angry about it, maybe thats the way it comes through in my explanation of, and I guess I do give credit for education when it is extremely limited individualistically anymore, I will try and explain the abc's to them in this regard. And it should be noted that sometimes people need the harsh truth about a subject to drive into their skulls because they are too ignorant and errogant about themselves and what they think they might know and do not. Tom is a great guy with a great way about him, he fly around the flowers on a subject, I cannot, I am one who tells the facts as they are realistically.Kindly tell me where you see assumption in my article?
Comment by Sharon Lollio on March 5, 2010 at 11:44am
Lynn, I think you might get more people agreeing with you if you explained why socialism doesn't work. You are assuming everyone on this site understands the socialism you are speaking about. We need to be able to talk to our young people (and some that are not so young) that believe socialism is the path to helping the less fortunate. We will never win folks over to our side with anger and assumption. We need to be able to explain why we are concerned. Like Tom always says "We are preaching to the choir" unless we can start laying out the groundwork on why this administration is taking us down the wrong road. We need to have a ready answer or solid argument (not in anger) if we are asked questions or "confronted" about our stand on socialism. Just my two cents.

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