Your help in writing Letters To Editor - re Flint Water Crisis - is needed...

Dear Friends.... You MUST DEMAND that your Local Media Outlets Investigate and Report THE WHOLE TRUTH about the Flint Water Crisis.... Write Letters To Editors and/or Post to their Websites and/or FB Pages.... This is NOT even about defending the GoverNerd (some folks like him, some folks are - let's say - less than "fans") but is about DEMANDING FULL ACCOUNTABILITY....

Q: Why is no-one demanding for all communications between the Flint Water Dept and Flint Mayor and DEQ and asking: What did they know and when did they know it? Is this lazy (or just the usual biased) Journalism that is completely ignoring who actually caused/created the Crisis in the first place to instead engage in a Lansing Witch hunt.... (<-- you could use similar words to these, I didn't in the Letter you'll see that I wrote. Though the part directly accusing them of being lazy or biased should be left out, as they'll probably just immediately disregard any other comments you make)

Obviously you cannot just cut-and-paste my exact words, that I have used when writing MSM outlets (immediately following), but you can very easily just change it up a bit and maintain the exact same succinct points....

Dear Editor:

Flint Michigan water fiasco... The basic and completely undeniable Facts that really matter....

Fact 1: Regardless of any other "facts" surrounding the reasons why Flint switched to the Flint River - it was the Flint Water Department that failed to properly clean and treat the water that created the crisis of Lead leeching from the pipes! (undeniable/indisputable) Period!

Fact 2: Others (after the fact) mismanaged the crisis (created in Fact 1)

Until people are willing to deal with the people responsible for/in Fact 1 - I frankly don't give a darn who they want to scapegoat for Fact 2 (which would be moot had Fact 1 not happened)! And people in Lansing have been held accountable (for Fact 2) by people being forced to resign, while people in Flint (Fact 1) continue to get a PASS!

The Detroit River water, that flowed through the same Flint pipes and DID NOT leech Lead from them, isn't "good" water and somehow "magical" and "pure" but was/is just water properly cleaned and treated (and Detroit Water Dept deserves credit for that). The Flint River water is not "evil" water but just water that needed to be properly cleaned and treated and was not (and Flint Water Dept is to blame for it, no-one else)! And everything else is just an attempt to deflect, distract, and distort! Especially constantly bringing up the EM (which is Fact B) that would not have happened if (Fact A) the constant mismanagement of Flint finances by Flint Mayors/Council dictated the need to bail them out!


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Comment by Jay R. Taylor on March 20, 2018 at 8:28pm

Great post.  FYI my wife helped find the problem in child book levels of lead at Hurley Medical Center!

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