Fourth Edition of Wes Press – How Embarrassing?

Fourth Edition of Wes Press – How Embarrassing?

Hello and thank you for your continued interest in the “Wes Press”.

Since I declared my candidacy for the position of Lieutenant Governor over a year ago, I have been told many things and called many things on the campaign trail.

Some bad…but mostly good!

The remark I hear most often by a few who have criticized my candidacy is that I’m doing this with the sole intent to embarrass the Governor or that my win will embarrass the Governor.

The first is absolutely not true and the other I find alarming. Why would the governor be embarrassed by duly elected delegates exercising their electoral privilege? Doesn’t the Governor want the voice of the elected delegation to be heard? Isn’t allowing the grassroots to be heard better for the Republican Party and better for Michigan?

I am concerned that so many “Republicans” are worried more about one man than they are about those that have been negatively affected by the recent passages and acceptance of Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, the Senior Pension Tax and the Detroit Bail Out. (And yes, I did say I would sell a painting from the DIA rather than divert taxpayer money for that purpose.) And once again, we are hearing rumblings about pushing for a gas tax, a tax increase not only reflected at the pump but a tax we will absorb through almost every product and service we purchase!

So my reason for running was not about humiliating the Governor, it was not about a political future, it really is about bringing “the people’s” voice and concerns to Lansing.

In Michigan, elected precinct delegates are selected to go to the Republican State Convention to have a say in who their Lieutenant Governor should be. Some say they think this rule should be done away with and that the Governor should have his choice. I couldn’t disagree more. The Lieutenant Governor should be held accountable for his/her actions by the delegates at State Convention, especially after demonstrating his/her ability to govern during their first term in office.

I would also like to point out that the Governor was granted his choice four years ago and now it’s up to the delegates to decide whether they approve of the Governor’s choice or not.

If something should happen to the Governor, shouldn’t those elected to represent their neighbors/precincts have a say in who should lead their state? I look at this voting process as a safeguard and layer of protection when it comes to adhering to the Republican Party’s principles and stated goals.

What do I mean by protection? Many on the campaign trail seem to be surprised when they find out the Lieutenant Governor is also the President of the Senate. This legislative position empowers the Lt. Governor the ability to cast a deciding vote in any legislation where there happens to be a tie vote in the State Senate. We witnessed this very real possibility when it came to Medicaid Expansion. We saw it in action when Lieutenant Governor Calley cast the tie breaking vote for the Senior Pension Tax.

What I find disturbing is Lt. Governor Calley stated that though he may not be in agreement with the Governor on every issue, he is there to help implement what the Governor wants. A legislative tie in a Republican held Senate and House means there is a problem with that legislation. I don’t agree with Lt. Governor Calley that legislation supported by the Governor, but voted down by the majority of Republicans in the House and Senate, should be rubber stamped by the Lieutenant Governor in case of a tie in the Senate.

My vote, if necessary in the State Senate, is not going towards the dictates of one man but instead will be cast for what is in the best interests of the citizens of Michigan. My loyalty is to those in this state that have trusted me to protect, nurture, encourage and support initiatives, ideas and legislation that benefit their lives. This is my vision for the office of Lieutenant Governor if entrusted with your support at Saturday’s Republican State Convention.

I hope these articles have provided you with better understanding of who I am and why I am running. The next four years will see Michigan hopefully continuing on the road to recovery. I do believe there have been and still are, good plans the Governor has for the improvement of our state. I am looking forward to not only working with him but also working for you.

What happens at convention is not about the Governor, it’s not about me and it’s not about you. What happens at convention is about ALL OF US, the citizens of the great State of Michigan.

Yours in Freedom,

Wes Nakagiri
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor



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