November 3, 2010
American Seniors Association

Republicans see VICTORY! Now it's time to get Moving

What Happens Next?

"We've got real work to do, and frankly this is not a time for celebration, not when one out of 10 of our fellow citizens is out of work." John Boehner, Ohio Republican House Leader

Tuesday's midterm election showed an epic victory for Republicans, while President Obama and other Democrats felt painful defeat as they watched Republicans take control of the House, make advances in the Senate, capture multiple state legislatures and win big in many gubernatorial races across the country.

The last time such a large swing occurred in a midterm election was in 1938 during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's second term--the Republicans won 72 seats, as voters were losing hope in the Democrats during the New Deal.

Democrats currently hold a 255-seat majority in the House, but after Tuesday's elections it looks as though the Republicans now hold a 239-seat majority in the House, with 11 seats still undecided. This is a 60-seat gain for Republicans, or as some like to think of it, a 60-seat loss for Democrats.

In the Senate, the Republicans won at least six Democratic-held seats. Wisconsin, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois are among the states who saw a shift; Colorado and Washington are among the states that are still too-close to call.

Rand Paul of Kentucky (R) and Marco Rubio of Florida (R), both Tea Party activists, beat their democratic opponents on Tuesday; however, Tea Party activist Christine O'Donnell (R) of Delaware, once thought to be an easy win for Republicans, saw harsh defeat.

While the Democrats did hold onto their control of the Senate, won a few House races they believed to be in danger, and saw the reelection of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, there is little to be praised among Democrats after Tuesday's elections.

ASA believes House Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner appropriately represented the American majority by stating that the results of Tuesday's elections are "a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of Big Government, and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people." But now that there is proof of the anger and contempt felt by majority of the citizens, what happens next?

Republicans must not lose focus while rejoicing in their victory. Leaders must remember that this victory may be short-lived, just as the Democratic victory of 2008 now seems short-lived, if politics is not restored and the economy is not rescued. GOP leaders must now get to work, move their ideas forward, implement policies and procedures that will not only work for all Americans, but will move this nation beyond its current state of deficiency to one of prosperity and growth. They must get the president to change his course of action.

Fellow conservatives, we can't lose sight of the 2012 Presidential Election. Rejoice in Tuesday's victory momentarily, but continue to reach out to your representatives reminding them of what it is you, other seniors, your friends, and all of America needs from its leaders. We didn't vote for the Republicans just to take control of Congress, we voted on these leaders to bring politics, limited government, and positive change back to this great nation. If we don't continue pushing our representatives, and if they don't continue focusing on the goal, then the potential of the Republicans during the 2012 election, as well as the future of the conservative movement, may be lost. The Republican leaders have a lot to prove after seeing their party's victory Tuesday and should be reminded of this thought every day of their term until great changes are made in Washington and the American population is content.

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