On 8-20-09 at approx. 1150am while driving in the Parking Lot of the Marriot Centerpointe, I encountered Gary Peters with
his Aide and I asked Gary,when are you having Town Hall Meetings? Gary then said "Oh we had one Last Night and you
missed it!" Someone from his District would know if that is True! I then said we are not having a Health Care Bill in America! Gary then asked, why not?" I then said because I am a voter and you will be gone!"
Later at approx. 115pm while in the company of Pat Thomas we observed Gary Peters leaving the Marriott.When he saw Pat and I he tried to walk a different Path to avoid us. I then said to Gary "Hey Gary don't run away,come here and face us!" He then approached us while I asked him "Will you be keeping your Doctor in the New Plan?" He said Yes and
so will you!" I then said " No Gary,you won't be here then! You'll be out of Office by We the People!"


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Comment by Sharon Lollio on August 22, 2009 at 8:58am
These Congressmen need to be reminded it's the people that vote them in and not a party. That is why we must continue to keep our numbers growing across the nation in preparation for the elections. The power of the vote must be protected to stay in the hands of legitimate citizens. Glad you took the steps (pretty gutsy ones) to remind Peters of that fact. He must be sweating it big time as I'm sure Schauer is as well. Good read.
Comment by Tom on August 20, 2009 at 6:14pm
Good stuff, Marshall!

"They" are already taking personal shots at Congressman McCotter. I hope Soros redistributes all his wealth before the elections.

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