Hear the words of one of our greatest founding fathers, Patrick Henry.  Listen to the warnings that preceded the famous words "Give me Liberty or give me death".  Are the ominous signs of the coming attempt to subjugate the colonists that much different than the signs that we see of the coming, indeed sometimes  present , subjugation?  Isn't Obamacare all about control?  Are not the gun grabbers real intent to prevent us from preventing tyranny?  Is not the real purpose of the FCC's proposed rules for the internet a veiled attempt to reign in our free speech rights as so clearly stated in the FIRST Amendment?  Do you not see the utter hypocrisy in the Federal government's attempt to prevent free speech  by creating free speech zones, as they did in the famous stand off out west?  The very existence of free speech zones is to deny it everywhere else!  Can you see the ever increasing resistance of the resident in the White House to abide by the Constitution?  Do you think the President has a moral or legal right to ignore Article 2; Section 2 of our Constitution regarding the requirement of all presidents to work with the Senate and obtain from the Senate a two thirds majority prior to signing any treaty?  Do you think a President has a legal or moral right to skirt his Constitutional limitation regarding treaties by calling it an executive agreement instead of a treaty?   Hear Patrick Henry's words and ask yourself if you can and will agree with his famous words:  "Give me Liberty or give me death."
Bob Cushman

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