Now that Harry Reid has bought off Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) with our money, it looks like government run health care will soon be a reality. Senator Nelson is voting for this despite the fact that a majority of Americans oppose it, and an overwhelming majority of Nebraskans oppose it. Being the final vote needed for cloture in the Senate, he will forever be seen as one of the primary players responsible for imposing this awful legislation on America.

The Nebraska GOP has set up a web site called "Give Ben Nelson The Boot" to collect money to defeat him in the 2012 election. This is a great opportunity to strike fear in the hearts of all the at-risk Democrats voting for this bill. Wouldn't it be awesome if 1,000,000 Americans each gave $10 to this site. That just might make them think twice before voting on the final conference report! We just might scare off enough in the house to pull off a last-minute defeat. I know its a long shot, but we can at least help send this menace packing! There's also something slightly therapeutic about giving $10 to the cause after he sold out our liberty. Here's the web site:


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Comment by Sharon Lollio on December 21, 2009 at 4:38pm
Hi Rob,
All about giving Ben Nelson the boot. Sad to see all these politicians getting paid off for their votes. I sent Stabenow and Levin a fax the night before just to say I wish they would have played hard ball with Reid. Who knows what we could have received in payments and promises for our bankrupt state! Just kidding.
I understand about your $10 pledge from 1,000,000 Americans. I wish the concept would go to helping ICaucus get that money. Getting the rotten ones out is just part of the goal - the other part is to find true conservatives to take their place. That is the mission ICaucus has undertaken.
This movement is totally moving forward by unpaid workers. They are truly an Independent Caucus - no candidate is buying them off for an endorsement. I urge everyone to go on their site and watch Article One. That one view says it all - where the money goes and who gets it. It's disgusting.
It's a tough day today for patriots, capitalists and conservatives - but we must contine the fight. The battleground will be the November elections and the months leading up to it. Don't give up or give in - I believe we can win.

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