I found it humorous that Obama had to delay the announcement of the grand opening of the new Global Warming Agency because of the two blizzards that hit the DC area this past week.

Forget the fact that the University at East Anglia data collection was fraudulent and corrupted or the fact that the other data that the IPCC relied heavily upon telling them that the glaciers were melting came from a student term paper that made no scientific reference what so ever or the fact that Surfacestations.org reported that 90% of the weather stations set up across America were off by more than 2 degrees Celsius.

Obama is the most liberal President in history. He truly believes in big government, we earn, they take and decide where it should be spent or how much we get to keep as fruits of our labor.

This is just one more shining example of our tax dollars being thrown down the toilet. He continues to spend on things we don’t need while people keep losing their jobs.

They have spent $865 billion on the first a stimulus and are looking to spend another $150 billion on another, calling it a ‘jobs bill’ because the people are fed up with “stimulus” that doesn’t work. That would amount to $7,355.00 for each and every tax payer in this country. If they would have given this money to us directly, does anyone believe we would still be in a recession?

That could be an entire year without having income taxes deducted from our paychecks; wouldn’t that stimulate the economy and create jobs?

The only job growth in this recession has been government jobs, not only have they grown but salaries have increased dramatically. Government workers earning above $100,000 increased by 19% this year

The Obama administration is falling apart as they try to do something they have no experience in and that is governing.

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Comment by Rondal Mullins on February 10, 2010 at 1:24pm
Thanks very much for your post Phil. It seems like most of the Obama administration including it's leader don't have any real, practical and honest experience in anything of any value to 'We The People". Give me my $7,355.00 and I'll show them what careful spending is all about.

Comment by patriotm1 on February 10, 2010 at 12:16am
Amen on multiple accounts. The lack of experience of our head of state and his administration is historical, epic in nature. His "on the job training" period has been worse that imagined. The guy can't be as smart as he portends. He misses road signs and has been hit over the head with 2x4's and still doesn't have a clue on anything of substance.

When is someone going to produce a "Worst Presidents in History" list? It's hard to imagine anyone getting worse ratings on a decent set of criteria than this arrogant socialist with fascist tendencies.

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