GOP leader DeMint says Detroit 'victimized' by liberals

GOP leader DeMint says Detroit 'victimized' by liberals

This message, while being hard to accept by Democrats, is 1000% True. My entire family was born in Detroit and I have watched the city descend to the war zone haven of unemployment and drugs and despair that she is today. The chains of unemployment compensation, welfare and food stamps have made slaves of the people of Detroit.

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Comment by ed cassi on March 17, 2013 at 12:16am

The demise of

The demise of my birthplace began with coleman young when he drove whites out of detroit with racist remarks.  in effect driving out a major source of revenue for the city.  he was very liberal.  a liberal federal judge cost the city of detroit millions of dollars be ordering the busing of black students to primarily white schools and white students to primarily black schools over a period of thirty years.  nothing was accomplished. perhaps the liberal judge learned you can't legislate morality.

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