Governor Rick Snyder praised in the Washington Post

As was reported this morning on "Fox and Friends" (Thursday Dec. 13, 2012) here is a part of what Jeb Bush of Florida had to say in a Washington Post article "Lesson In Leadership" (12-12-12)-------

"For an example of real effective, No-Holds-Barred Leadership in tough times, Mr. Obama (and Republican congressional leaders, for that matter) would be wise to look at Michigan.  The quintessential Rust Belt Dinosaur has undergone an amazing transformation, thanks to Gov. Rick Snyder and local legislative leaders who have shown a willingness these past two years - and in the past weeks - to make difficult decisions and fight brutal political battles at significant risk not only to their careers but to their physical safety"

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Comment by Tater Salad on January 17, 2013 at 3:59pm

As a conservative myself.........if Gov. Snyder raises vehicle registration fees which are already very high......he will lose his next re-election bid. We will not vote for a Democrat but we will not vote for him either. The Republican Party better have someone in place of him if the party wants to remain Republican then.

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