Happy Father’s Day!

Hats off to fathers:
--the Defenders of the Right, the Champions of Politics,
--the protectors, the providers, the leaders,
--the imparters of wisdom, morals, and fair play,
--the athletes, the coaches, the ball throwers, the cheerers,
--the Monopoly players, the rough-housers, the laughers,
--the story tellers, the hunters, the fishers,
--the suck-it-up men, the buck-stops-here crowd,
--the tough guys with the little boys inside,
--the spankers, the doters,
--the splinter pullers, the belly blowers,
--the law makers, the law breakers,
--the mentors to their sons, the ideals to their daughters,
--the strong shoulders to cry on,
--the generous spirits to forgive, forget, and help out in a pinch,
--the courageous and valiant hearts to fight for their families and our country.

Thank you, fathers, and God bless you all!


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Comment by patriotm1 on June 19, 2011 at 1:34pm
I'll second that emotion!

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