Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to:

--my mother, who always gave me her love, praise, support, and good cheer. Even though she was frightened by the world and shy by nature, she would fight for me and protect me as ferociously as a tigress would defend her cub.

--my mother-in-law, who was as close to a saint as anyone I have ever known and who had love in her heart for everyone she met;

-- Grandma B, who gave me her love, good card games, and great conversation;

--Grandma H, who doted on me as only a grandmother can;

--my lovely wife, who has raised our fine daughter and has put up with me for almost 46 years;

--my wonderful daughter, who smothers her kitties with all the love of a mother for her children;

--my sister-in-laws and nieces, who have raised loving, responsible, productive children and have made my life ever so much richer for having them all in it;

--the magnificent ladies of the tea parties, liberty groups, and the GOP, who love and nurture their families and still find the time, courage, and energy to help save our precious country.

Mothers, God bless you all—past, present, and future.

With women such as you to love, comfort, guide, aid, and inspire us, this county will never fall.


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