Health Care Compact Update -- We need you to contact your Senator Today

From our friend Jay McNally:

I’m writing to give you a quick update on the status of the Health Care Compact in Michigan, and to ask you to make a quick phone call or send a note to your state senator TODAY or TOMORROW asking him to become a co-sponsor of the HCC in the Senate.

If possible, can you also contact members of your group to also contact their senator to become a co-sponsor? It will be helpful if you can let me know if you called your senator, and what rsponse you received.

The HCC was introduced in the House last spring by Rep. Tom McMillin, so we do not need to contact House members at this time.

Sen Jim Marleau, R-Rochester, is expected to introduce the Health Care Compact in the Michigan Senate on Thursday, Feb. 9. Thus, he needs to hear from you senator today or tomorrow that he would like to be a co-sponsor.

Attached are several files that may help you:

1 - Sample letter for activists to send to their state senator.

2 - Talking Points about the Health Care Compact.

If you have any questions about the compact, feel free to call me: 734 717-1174 or email me at

The compact is being introduced in other states this month, and has been passed in several legislative chambers, including both houses in Indiana. We are seeing major progress in several states!

Many thanks for your assistance.

Jay McNally



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