I am sick and tired of hearing the liberal talking points about the current state of our health care system.
They refer to it with words such as broken, crisis, unaffordable and sweeping reform. They also refer to the republicans as the party of NO and continue to pump out the idea that the republicans had no plan, when it is well known they had offered several plans. They need to learn that, just because they say them doesn’t make it so. Republicans are not the party of NO; they are the party of HELL NO when it comes to bills like these.
There is no crisis, 85% of the country is covered by some type of health care, the other 15% are those that elect not to pay for coverage, illegal’s and then there are those that cannot afford the coverage which when all is said and done is probably 5% of the population.

Why should over-haul the entire system, aka ‘sweeping reform’ to cover 5% of the population?
Why should we in Michigan pay the Medicaid bills for those in Nebraska? Why should our tax dollars go to a hospital to be built somewhere (we don’t know yet) that Sen. Chris Dodd lobbied for to help his faltering campaign numbers as he seeks re-election.
Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana secured $300 million of our tax dollars for her yes vote.

Sen. Levin sought out and got tax breaks for the non-profit insurance companies that do business in our state and while you might think this is commendable; doing nothing would have done the same thing and cost us a lot less.
Ms. Stabenow has yet to answer my 100’s of letters, faxes and voice mails as to where in our constitution does it state that health care is a right.
Both of our senators voted straight down party lines and gave no consideration that 61% of the people were opposed to this healthcare reform monstrosity of a bill. They no longer consider the will of the American people as anything to stand in their way; we’re more of a speed bump or a hiccup on the path to their elitist standing in the social order that was once known as the land of the free.
It’s high time we show them the power and might of the vote in this country and throw out all that oppose the constitution.

Get out and vote in 2010, take our country back again!

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