I received the following from our friend, Louis Isabell. Thank you, Louis!

We posted this report on our website 3 weeks ago when it was released.
It shows Medicare will cut payments for Part B by 30% over the next three years.
Medicare actuaries are stating that seniors will not be able to find any care under the present health care bill scenarios.
Even worse, the tables show Medicare will be paying out less than Medicaid in just one year for most services.
This is devastating for seniors. Many of our clients are already reporting their doctors are now refusing to take Medicare.
Now add in the 21% Doc fix bill that was not passed. This means that Doctors and Hospitals will receive 31% for Part B services starting
01-01-2011. Most will simply quit taking Medicare.

CBO SocialSecurity_SummaryforWeb 2010.pdf
I am surprised the news media has not yet picked up on the attached report.
It was released on Saturday 10-23-2010.

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