#Michigan #Heartbeat #Coalition (NEW #PROLIFE #LAW - Sounds good, but here in #MI we already have STRONGER LAW waiting to be Enforced once #RoeVWade over-turned) Best Strategy: DO NOTHING & WAIT!

#Mcihgan #Heartbeat #Coalition (NEW #PROLIFE #LAW - Sounds good, great for other States, but here in #MI we already have STRONGER LAW waiting to be Enforced once #RoeVWade is over-turned) Sometimes best Strategy is DO NOTHING AND WAIT!

Before Reading on... important to note: Don't under-estimate the Lefts ability to shop for and get aid from LIBERAL-JUDICIAL-ACTIVIST COURTS (Michigan, District/Regional, and even SCOTUS not reliable)!

I understand fully why anyone would anxiously want to be part of the #HeartbeatCoalition and eagerly want to work for a #PROLIFE LAW. Anyone I know, everyone I would consider Friend (many closer than some in my actual Family) are #PROLIFE!!!. So, I understand and appreciate your enthusiasm being part of that movement.

I am and have always been PROLIFE (yes, sad to have to say this, but there are some Reading that do not know me (feel free to GOOGLE ME and see my other pieces at http://rattlewithus.ning.com/, https://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/392/034/stories.html, older pieces at https://www.redstate.com/diary/JLenardDetroit/, but let me state up-front you will only really see two related LIFE posts as I never compelled, like now, to write on this topic (except two very important pieces which will be linked to at the bottom of this piece you really need to Read/Reference*)). While I'm not going to go into great length (I had elsewhere, wish I would have saved it for times like this cuz now I frankly don't even remember all the details I really needed to for use now) but such a Law would actually BE HARMFUL TO US IN THE LONG-RUN!

Michigan already has potentially the strongest ANTI-ABORTION LAW on the Books - weak-kneed #PLINO (ProLife In Name Only) Elected Officials and Others in ProLife Leadership just have NOT been willing to Fight for it, enforce it, and DEMAND THE #SCOTUS look at it in the light of a proper #14A, #Personhood, #RightToLife, Child's LEGAL #RTL as established elsewhere in Law* (* see more in attached piece), etc... that would easily cause #RoeVWade (the "supposed Ruling why our Law isn't currently/properly enforced, even though #RVW was a PRIVACY NOT RIGHT-TO-ABORTION (Even Ginsberg admits such * (see attached article)) Case precedent*) to be over-turned! Enacting a NEW and substantially WEAKER (case specifics, rather than our Broader, completely NO ABORTIONS ALLOWED, PERIOD - existing) LAW would give the Left LEGAL STANDING to challenge and potentially over-turn our existing tougher Law via the Courts, once #RVW is over-turned and via #10A the issue return to STATES-LAWS, based on the newer Law/Precedence!

For those Reasons, it is NOT A GOOD IDEA and I therefore cannot support this particular effort. I apologize for not have saved the specifics myself, for a time like now that I really need to have them to include them. I certainly do NOT expect, or even want you to JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR ANY/ALL OF THIS!!!  Please LEARN MORE about Michigan existing Law, all I ask is that you take some time to do some additional Research.  A great Resource and Base of Knowledge is PAT COLBECK (former State Senator (and 2018 #MIGov Candidate) who is far more knowledgable than I on the subject and I therefore stand firmly with him in opposition of a new Law and DEMAND OUR EXISTING STRONGER LAW BE ENFORCED once #RVW is over-turned! I have reached out to Pat and asked if he's written a far more detailed piece with inclusion of related FACTS, referenced Law(s), etc.... If he has indeed written such a piece I will come back and add a link to it at a later date that I will then hope you will refer people to over this my overly broad, lacking enough specifics, piece, to Read (for those viewing via the #B4IN feed (where the #RWU blogs get automatically uploaded too, I cannot edit there, so watch comments section for any update(s)))! Either way, please see the File Attachements (if on #B4IN, use link to go to original #RWU Article location to access) that Pat has supplied me previously.**

SideNote, but very, very, very, related.... NOT Funny at all, but PATHETIC how Liberals/Democrats demand that #RVW forces States to comply with ABORTION ON DEMAND (that a #SCOTUS Ruling becomes #Federal #Law / DICTATE)  but a new Ruling THAT wouldn't apply PROLIFE/RIGHT-TOLIFE/AbortionRestrictions status, a new LEGAL PRECEDENCE, to all States (and like SCOTUS GayMarriage Ruling also forced upon all States, even ultra-liberal CA which also passed a Traditional-Marriage State Constitution Amendment) but all of a sudden when their is a Ruling Liberals don't like they rediscover the #10A) suddenly is NOT a Federal Law/Mandate/Dictate/Precedence. More of the usual Liberal #DoubleStandards and #HYPOCRISY!!

Anyway, kinda lost my place, got side-tracked. Bottom-line, while we understand the URGE/DESIRE to SHOW WE ARE DOING SOMETHING and cash-in on and keep the current momentum of all the PROLIFE gains elsewhere, THOSE STATES do not, did not, HAVE WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE and in our Case the best thing to do is NOTHING at this point but wait for one of those other States' Cases be challenged by the Left, Go to #SCOTUS and over-turn #RVW.... Since I've gone so long already, when I didn't plan too, I urge you to further see the attached Article!

*more - here are the two PROLIFE pieces that I have written (also, if you care to take the time to check my FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/joseph.m.lenard) and Twitter*** (http://twitter.com/JLenardDetroit) timelines you'll see I've made many related PROLIFE POSTS (just, again, only these two OFFICIAL ARTICLES on the subject))....

see - Shaky Ground that the whole #Abortion structure is built on (#RoeVWade): https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/the-law/2018/2457918.html

also see Article on #Gosnell Case (Left is trying to Legalize what he is currently in #Prison for): https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/healthcare/2018/2537087.html

** RTL%20Michigan%20Memo.pdf  Life%20Issue%20Brief%20Final.pdf

*** More specifically, if you are on #Twitter, I highly urge you to see and share my TWITTER MOMENT regarding PROLIFE (A "moment" is a collection of related Tweets, in this case regarding PROLIFE (antiAbortion) subject-matter and I often tweet: ' exposing/countering every single one of the Left's false-narratives (linguistic gymnastics they hide behind to support #BabyKilling) via tweets saved as a "MOMENT" 
https://twitter.com/i/moments/1128850210040553473 '

Please see, and potentially save to your HD for future sharing, images below!!

Take Care and God Bless



Cling to #RAPE (< 1%), #INCEST (< 1%), #LIFE OF MOTHER (< 1%), Fact: combined they are all < 1% of #Abortions "COMBINED" - cuz cannot have HONEST DISCUSSION about the 99% of all Abortions (convenience) they have to DEFLECT by focusing entirely on the 1%!

Then there is the MAJOR DODGE - HEALTH! Especially #ReprodutiveRights manure, once you're Pregnant, Reproduction has already happened!!! AND - Pregnancy is NOT a Tumor, it is Normal/Natural, it is NOT DISEASE! They have to insist on it being #HealthCare AS A MENTAL HEALTH DODGE! Therefore, any Woman can claim need to KILL THEIR CHILD over MENTAL HEALTH REASONS (99% of #Abortions, cuz I WANT TO, it will make me HAPPY at this moment)!

But, hey, I'm a MAN and somehow can't have a say in a Woman KILLING HER CHILD?!?!? Murder is a Genderless topic. I also don't have a TAIL, but you can be damn sure I speak out about Animal Cruelty! #dismissed #pwned

THAT AND MORE IN: exposing/countering every single one of the Left's false-narratives (linguistic gymnastics they hide behind to support #BabyKilling) via tweets saved as a "MOMENT" (my 1st attempt at using this Twitter function)



Usual LIBTARD DODGES (#DEFLECTION)... Cling to #RAPE (< 1%), #INCEST (< 1%), #LIFE OF #MOTHER (again, less than 1%), narratives...

#Facts: combined they are all less than 1% of #Abortions - "COMBINED" - cant be honest... more: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.m.lenard/posts/10156909823084279


I recently had a great interaction with a #ProLife #Friend over on that "other Platform" as he wasn't as informed as he thought he was....

Sadly, many People are indeed #ProLife, but have never really ever fully educated themselves on the background, what it is that started it all, what we are fully fighting now.....

Please, see some of what you may be unaware of..

#Abortion #RoeVWade

Do you know who #NormaMcCorvey is and WHY SHE MATTERS THAT YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS?!?!?

#NormaMcCorvey (#ROE in #RoeVWade), recants testimony, repented, became PROLIFE! The Left continues to peddle the #LIES and attack the person who was once their #HERO! more:
#SCOTUS, #RVW If proper hearing will overturn & #Liberals damn well know it..

Learn more in the Article - Shaky Ground that the whole #Abortion structure is built on (#RoeVWade): https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/the-law/2018/2457918.html

Do you know #RuthBaderGinsburg ONCE gave an Honest speach declaring #RVW did NOT establish #RightToAbortion (other activist courts expanded upon #RVW)..

see the Article!!

#AllLivesMatter #AbortionIsMurder #14A #BanAbortion



14th: Section 1.
No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. If the Left can pick and choose pieces, we can too (like they took the PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE (note: says General, NOT personal/individual) to create the Welfare/HandOuts buying Votes State)!

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