Heckler Decrying Hypocrisy Should Look Closer to Home

The following was published today in Voices in annarbor.com:

Heckler Decrying Hypocrisy Should Look Closer to Home

In his April 25 Guest Opinion letter, Rick Keith accused speakers at the 4/15 Tax Protest Rally at the U of M of hypocrisy. I suggest that Mr. Keith should look closer to home.

The format for the rally was to have a series of speakers who would address the crowd. It was definitely not town hall style and there was no question-and-answer session. This was developed by the AA Tea Party Patriots after there was an open meeting announced on WAAM Radio inviting all who wished to have input to attend. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Keith neither attended that meeting or a subsequent meeting nor did he offer any input whatsoever.

Yet, Mr. Keith took it upon himself to yell out many comments as our speakers attempted to address the rally. Now this would be well and good albeit rude if Mr. Keith would honestly identify himself as an opponent of the tea party movement and admit that he was doing his best to disrupt a rally that he opposed in principle. But he says in his op-ed, “It’s my Tea Party.”

This I find hard to swallow. There are over a thousand members of tea party and liberty groups in the AA/Ypsi/ Plymouth area. In AA, we have the AA Patriots (www.annarborpatriots.ning.com) and the AA Tea Party Patriots (www.annarborteaparty.com) and the Washtenaw Campaign for Liberty (www.campaignforliberty.com) and the Washtenaw Libertarian Party. In Ypsi, we have the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus (www.willowruntpc.ning.com). In Plymouth, we have Rattle With Us (www.rattlewithus.ning.com). On the UM campus, there are a number of liberty groups. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Keith is a member of none of these groups nor has he attended or asked to speak at any of our meetings.

Further, Mr. Keith asserts that Obamacare will “save people from bankruptcy and untimely death.” All tea partiers I know think quite the opposite. It will be financially ruinous to the country, will deny services, and will decrease the supply of doctors, hospitals, and medical technology—all of which will lead to more bankruptcy, misery, disease, and death…not less.

Since Mr. Keith seems to have little in common with tea partiers and seems to be bothered by hypocrisy, I suggest that he examine his own when he pretends that this tea party is his.

He questions why the tea partiers were not there to protest big-government policies of the past administration. I wish they would have been, too. I would have joined them then.

The question for Mr. Keith is they are here now. They are doing their best to stand up for Constitutional, limited, fiscally responsible government. If this is Mr. Keith’s tea party, why isn’t he joining? Why is he obstructing?

If Mr. Keith is looking for hypocrisy, I suggest he look in the mirror.

Bill Bigler

Ann Arbor Patriots

Bill is a UM alumnus, former AAPS teacher, landlord, investor, current business owner and leader of the AA Patriots.

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on May 9, 2010 at 2:51pm
Nice post Bill. I read the comments flying back and forth between Mr. Keith and Thayrone at the end of the article in the Ann Arbor paper written by this guy.

Very entertaining.

You are correct in saying where is this guy when it comes to membership in any of these groups? Of course now that we have heard him on Thayrone's show and read his article and know what he did at the April 15th rally - I think we should all be careful about what his intent would be should he attempt to join.

Thanks for pointing out what went on that day and stepping up in defense of the purpose of the rally and those involved.

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