From our friend Matt.......

The general election is only 5 days away!! I have some very important news to share so
please read this entire email. The Senate race in District 7 is tight...we need your support!
I have updated the website with video pertaining to Democrat Kathleen Law, and Independent John Stewart, to help inform the voters of Michigan about the candidates running for the Senate Seat for District 7.

I ask that you go to the following pages and watch the videos at least once, and if all possible, watch them once a day between now and the
election. I call this the, SPEND 15 MINUTES FOR MICHIGAN email campaign.
Watching these videos repeatedly will elevate the videos and web pages in search engines such as Google and Youtube, increasing the chances that when someone Googles either John Stewart or Kathleen Law, both this page and these videos will appear on the first results page. Even if you don’t physically watch them the second
time, click on the video, turn down the volume and minimize the browser
and go about your business…it will still counts as a view.
PLEASE…watch them all once a day! There are 3 per page.

Also please forward this email on to as many conservative minded people as you know, asking your recipients to watch them daily too!
Patrick Colbeck’s Campaign needs our full support.

Republicans have a chance of a supermajority in the Senate with a Colbeck win!

This was reported in GONGWER, Volume #49, Report #211, Tuesday, October 26, 2010:
Dems Go All-In For Law In 7th Senate
Democrats aren’t taking any chances now. If Ms. Law wins, that probably ends any hope Republicans had of a 26-12 majority, a two-thirds supermajority that would prevent Democrats from blocking bills by denying them immediate effect. They have put $360,000 into her campaign from the Senate Democrats’ political action committee to run advertisements on expensive network
television in the Detroit market to promote her and assail Mr. Colbeck.
That’s the most money the PAC has spent on any Democratic candidate in the state.
Please pass this info on to your friends and family within the 7th District and within the State! We have to stay involved and stay vigilant!
God Bless,
Republican Delegate, Canton 11th

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