Help! We need you even for just a few hours! Patrick Colbeck "Walk and Talk" lit drop tomorrow 6/26

Hello Rattlers,

Just a quick reminder for those that volunteered to help - and those that may not be aware of what we need help for.

Patrick Colbeck is running for State Senate District 7 and tomorrow is a "Walk and Talk" lit drop to help get his name out.

We have known Pat since our Tea Party began and before he decided to run for this position.

We know his character, his motivation, his convictions, his beliefs and his ideas for turning this state around.

Patrick is not a career politician but really "one of us." He knows what it is to have to worry about a job and/or paying bills.

Ever feel some of our representatives are out of touch in regards to what we taxpayers are going through? No need to worry here.

Tomorrow Patrick is needing some help. I know there are graduation parties, family events and yard work BUT could you help us for a few hours?

A few hours invested tomorrow is a big investment in our state's future. We need to get Michigan back on track by voting in candidates that have a solid plan on what needs to be done.

Even if you do not live in Patrick's district - you can still be proud to know you made a difference in getting a true conservative through the first process of getting elected.

Signs were great over the last few months and some folks read your signs, heard your concerns and made the decision to try and right these wrongs. They need you now more than ever.

If you want better representation then we have to do some work to get it. Please join us tomorrow even if it is for a few hours.

Below is Patrick's info:


Just a quick reminder about our second Shock and Awe event scheduled for this Saturday.

Purpose: Contact as many Republican primary voters as possible about our campaign prior to folks casting their vote.

Where: Our home, 47841 Royal Pointe Drive, Canton, MI 48187 (SW of Warren and Beck in Canton)


· Meet at our house (47841 Royal Pointe Drive, Canton, MI 48187) at 9am for donuts, walking lists, flyers and talking points/tips

· At 10am we start walkin’ and knockin’ the assigned voter precincts. If you cannot make it at 9:00 a.m. someone will be at our house for those that can come for a later shift to hand out lists.

· At 8pm we regroup back at or home to recount tales from the trails. Refreshments will be provided.

From Sharon - Thank you so much for your support - together we can and will make a difference in Michigan. From "Worst to First!"

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