Hey Democrats, Here's your Sign*:

[Originally published to promote a Tea Party Bus tour (or as I refer to any/all Tea Party group events "TEApeat") and to promote the use of the best of the best of the signs being replicated. Have any new/clever signs come along needing to be added?]
*Here's Your Sign - came from The Blue Comedy Tour (used here with admiration and respect for their creation).

What are the current TEApeat events?!?!? another Taxpayer March on DC? old one: (Tea Party Express); Thanks to WAAM (AM 1600) for the Whitford Lake Julty 4th Event; what about a THANKSGIVING Event?!?! Denis Curran posted a Discussion here at Rattle Tea Party "Burnout" along these lines about action, rather in-action, at the State level lately.

Remember, the Liberals/Progressives/Republican-establishmenters all expect you, me, us, to all go away -- we need to have some more Events to remind them we are still here and the Debt/Deficit is STILL a problem/issue we are NOT going to let drop!!!

While I've touched on some in several TEApeat related Diaries/Blogs/Writings/Whatever when the Tea Parties were first revving up I wanted to revisit and help us all to get caught up on the latest clever posters in the Slogan War and/or to share other aspects of a stop in your area or where you may travel to.

I was hoping/planning to catch up with the Tea Party Express when it reached Brighton Michigan on Day 12 of its last tour, I missed it.
DAY 12: Tuesday September 8, 2009

  • Jackson, MI - 12:00 noon
  • Brighton, MI - 3:30pm
  • Troy, MI - 6:30pm

DAY 16: Saturday September 12, 2009
  • Washington DC


Next time it comes through, hope we can see if we can even meet up with the Bus and join the procession from one stop to the next or in mid-route. ;-) Parade anyone?

Anyway, some of the (my favorite) Signs thus far...

  • My fave: "Size Matters - Reduce Govt."
  • "You can't fix STUPID" *which also came from Ron White and the Blue Comedy Tour.
  • TEA is Taxed Enough Already, and we ain't talking about the drink
  • We The People - Listen To Us
  • Give Me Liberty, Not Debt
  • Go Green -> Recycle Congress


What other sign slogans were your favorites or new ones you have thought up and would like to see?
What other TEApeat (again, as I call them) Events do we (or should others) need to plan?!?!

Other related TEApeat info:
Plan to attend a TEApeat 9/12, Thanksgiving, next Tax Day, and 4th of July 2010, etc...

Contact the other sites and urge them to organize for some subsequent dates also:

09/12/11 DC Tax Protest repeat?
Tea Party Revolution site
Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Express
Alliance Defense Fund
archive: Organize an UNOFFICIAL non-permit TEApeat (info)

ReTeaParty (for 4th of July) site
Tax Day Tea Party site (w/ Daily email update option)
Tea Party Convention (June 13, 2009) ANOTHER?!?!

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (the MOTORlessCITY)
Hey Democrats, Here's your Sign*:
(orignally Published 2009 as: redstate.com/jlenarddetroit/ "Hey Congress - Here's your sign")

my Exporting/Expanding BLUEism topic on the RattleWithUs Discussions board.

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on March 16, 2014 at 1:49pm

Let's address the "supposed" racist signs. You know, the one's depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache. I have encountered these folks first hand, and have heard stories from folks across the country, and these are the same folks that had Bush with Hitler-stache - they are LAROUCHE DEMOCRATS (a simple search turns up these nuts and their signs)!!! That is NOT to say that there are not some occasional TEAParty or Republicans with a sign that the media will play up as "offensive" or "racist" but the vast majority of time it is LaRouche Democrats with these signs. The Liberal MSM isn't interested, of course, in presenting the FACTS, but instead tainting all TEAParty and/or Republican people by showing these signs and implying they came from them! These LaRouche nut-jobs, and anyone/everyone else with anything remotely "offensive" as a sign, have been asked to leave (or, at least, get rid of their sign) from events. But, again, that doesn't stop/prevent the Liberal media from trolling the fringes of the events and seeking out these clowns before event personnel have a chance to throw them out!

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on July 3, 2011 at 4:22am
Oh, forgot my latest Sign thought: double sided KISS sign - on one side


on the other side

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