The latest edict from the HHS secratary compelled me to write this:


I Was Silent


I was silent when they gave us Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid…now my 78 year old mother is a ward of the state but we cannot sustain this outcome for millions yet to retire.


I was silent when they launched the war on poverty…16 trillion dollars later we have more poverty, more single mothers, more out-of-wedlock births, and a 16 trillion dollar debt. 


I was silent when they gave us food stamps…now 50 million Americans are on food stamps.


I was silent when they launched the war on drugs…now we have a huge drug related jail population, destroyed cities like Detroit, thousands of dead Mexican citizens, and drugs are everywhere.


I was silent when they took prayer from the schools…now they want me to embrace gay marriage, celebrate abortions, teach babies in the second grade about alternative life styles, bow to Islam, and deny my faith.


I was silent when they gave us the Energy Department…now domestic oil drilling is off limits, no nuclear power plant has been built is 40 years, coal power generation is under assault, gas is $3.50, the government is wasting billions on green pipe dreams, and the wealth built in this country over 200 years is being drained away by despotic regimes around the world.


I was silent when they gave us the Education Department…now our children can put condoms on vegetables but cannot read, write, perform simple mathematics or name their elected officials.


I was silent when they gave us the Labor Relations Board…now unions have the right to compel workers to join them and pay dues, public employees can shake down their neighbors for wages and benefits, the government can stop a company from locating facilities in the state of their choice, and most of our manufactured goods are produced in foreign sweat shops and we import poisoned products from around the world, but they are cheap.


I was silent when the government demanded housing financing for all…I had to sell my home in a “fire sale”.


I was silent when they gave us Obamacare…now organizations and individuals of conscience are compelled to murder babies in the womb, healthcare rationing is around the corner, and we are in the fast lane to a socialistic form of government.


I was silent when our elected officials and community leaders began engaging in class warfare…now minorities resist fully accepting their hard won civil rights victories, immigrants refuse to assimilate, and our young who are entering the work force have an unreal sense of entitlement.


I remained silent for years as politicians and special interest groups fought over immigration…now we have millions of illegal immigrants.


I have been silent as year after year politicians and judges trample on the Constitution…now when a law is voted on or passed in the legislature it is struck down and altered to advance the agenda of activist judges.


I am no longer silent.  I joined the Tea Party.  I actively pursue conservative grassroots initiatives.  I recruit others into action.  I vote.  I right my representatives.


I hope I was not silent for too long…

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