I received the following from our friend, Jennifer Helmer. For those that didn't know her, she was the liaison between the TEA Parties in this area and the GOP.She did a fine job.

Best wishes to Jennifer in her new position!


Good morning,

 As of yesterday, I began employment with Secretary of State Ruth Johnson as her East Michigan Liaison.  It is my honor to serve her and the public in this capacity. 

 I truly enjoyed my work with the Michigan Republican Party since early 2009.  We worked together to elect Republicans who will make necessary legislative and policy decisions for us to economically thrive again.  I am grateful for the opportunity afforded to me by Chairman Ron Weiser.   

 Thank you for all your efforts to assist in our statewide and local victories-it was my pleasure to have met each and every one of you.  My life is now filled with so many new friends I would have not met had it not been for your involvement in our democracy.  It has been my pleasure to get to know so many activists, elected officials, candidates and Republican leaders across SE Michigan and beyond.  I honestly get choked up when thinking about all of us coming together in whatever was needed to get it done and elect Republicans.  What an exciting election cycle to be a part of!  Again, not only because of our gains, but because of the friends and relationships we made along the way.    

I have the utmost confidence in Chairman Schostak to lead the party through this presidential cycle.  Bobby has always impressed me with his leadership skills, ability to communicate effectively with others and his fund raising abilities which greatly impacted the outcome of the November election.  I will be working with him and his team to transition staff to meet the needs in the field.  I will continue to use this email address and retain my cell number in the event you need assistance.  Please do not hesitate to contact me until staff is in place to assist you.

 Finally, in 2010, conservatives and the GOP recaptured control of the seven justice Michigan Supreme Court, by reelecting Justice Robert Young, and electing Justice Mary Beth Kelly, who took over the seat previously held by Alton Davis.  Davis had been appointed by former Governor Granholm in August 2010.  The GOP had lost control of the Court after the 2008 elections, but now has a 4-3 majority.

 In 2012, control of the Court will again be at stake.  Three seats will be up for grabs: that of veteran conservative Justice Stephen Markman; the seat of newly appointed conservative Justice Brian Zahra; and a seat currently held by liberal Marilyn Kelly, who is ineligible to seek reelection due to age limitations.  If conservatives are able to win all three seats, they will take a 5-2 majority on the Court.  Continued conservative control is necessary to prevent judicial activists from blocking necessary conservative reforms and policies put forward by Governor Snyder, the GOP controlled House and Senate, and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette and Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.

 It is imperative we work together with our networks so that Justice Markman, Justice Zahra and our next nominee become names voters identify and vote for.  I ask each of you start talking about the Supreme Court, these justices and the importance of their office to our democracy.  All of our officeholders need a Rule of Law court to carry out their statutorily assigned duties and to act as conservative and fiscally responsible elected officials.    

 As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  If you could please forward this to your email lists, I would greatly appreciate you helping to spread the word about my new position and the message about our Supreme Court.

 I look forward to serving you on behalf of our Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson.

 Thank you,


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