Primary election day, August 3rd, is right around the corner. Mid-term elections are coming this November to a ballot box near you.

Question: How can the Tea Party and you make the most of the time to garner maximum effect for the cause?

One answer: Strategically pick your spots, coordinate even small teams, and take advantage of opportunities that drop into your lap.

Example: July 4th -- American Independence Day -- is upon us. What are your plans? If not traveling, perhaps there is a community parade, event, or candidate effort that you can actively participate in. Actual audiences will be in attendance.

Typical Tea Party gatherings are relatively passive in that they occur briefly in one spot with some basic exposure such as passersby. The media does not cover much really.

Consider, on one hand, a small group of Tea Party folks marching in the July 4th parade in EACH community in the West Metro Detroit area. Imagine the exposure in communities from, say, Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti to Van Buren, Canton/Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Lyon over to Farmington, Farmington Hills, Livonia and Westland. There are enough Tea Party groups around to produce a contingent for each case...and without much effort. Certainly there a few folks with flags or a smile that would gladly participate with a little notice and coordination and visionary motivation.

Consider other cases where standing groups and organizations provide forums for discussion, participation, and activity. Most communities have groups like American Legion, Kiwanis, Seniors groups, Rotary Club, and a lot more. What events are scheduled in these communities and are the opportunities appropriate and worthwhile?

Whatever the case, Tea Parties and engaged individuals alike can make a difference in everyday events. The only question is when and where. Is there an opportunity for Tea Party groups and concerned Americans to step it up a notch by routinely considering venues other than occasional rallies and monthly meetings?

If commonly held goals include bringing others into the fold, getting out the word, building motivation and momentum, and supporting the cause, then perhaps there are some simple game plans that could be developed to generate concrete and sustainable success.

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