Labor Day - from a Conservative Labor Candidate for US Congress

A celebration of workers - 
blue collar and white collar

Your Blue-collar candidate
     As you celebrate this weekend with friends and family, remember that Labor Day is NOT just a celebration of union and blue-collar workers.
Photo by Joel Sorrell
 Some union officials want you to believe that to be true, but every single worker in an organization contributes to the success of the company.
Perhaps you have heard this story before...President John F. Kennedy was touring Cape Canaveral (later called the Kennedy Space Center) after he gave his famous May 25th, 1961 speech about putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade.  Inside a building the President wrongly opened up a door...right into a janitorial closet.  Standing in there was a janitor preparing his tools for the day.  Imagine his surprise to see the President of the United States opening up the door and staring right at him!
President Kennedy - not wanting to appear like he was lost - started to talk to this man and asked him a simple question:  "What is your job here?"  This man, after previously hearing Kennedy's stirring speech replied correctly:  "I am putting a man on the moon, Mr. President."
With that kind of attitude and teamwork, we can accomplish anything - even putting a man on the moon.  Reaching for a common goal by a team can be a powerful driver of success.  This janitor got it.  He understood that his job - along with the jobs of every person associated with NASA (including the President himself) had a role to bring success in the end.  A shared vision and a hope for the unreachable goal, weaved the braid that lassoed the moon for all mankind.
As you watch the labor day parade in Detroit this weekend, please take note at how much things have changed since that janitor's words were spoken.  The anger and hate directed at management and profit margins; the blame game by the very small minority of union workers out there who follow the leads of union officials, and the national figures who will be sure to turn up in order to bellow up the flame of envy and jealousy, will be a spectacle for all the country to see.  Union officials just don't get it.  Their anger at success, their avoidance of individuality and personal choice, and their embracing of all things "progressive", are spiraling their unions right into a gaping hole of destruction.
And good, hard-working, god-fearing, workers (and their families) will get sucked right down with them.  Out of the whole left-wing labor drama, perhaps that is the greatest tragedy of all.  
We fight for ALL workers.  We believe that the smallest salaried worker, all the way up to the company CEO, deserve recognition on Labor Day and a "thank-you" for keeping America the greatest nation in history.  Free-market economics is the single greatest economic system to bring people out of poverty, because it works every single time it is tried.
"The problem with Socialism is that pretty soon you run out of other people's money."
- Margaret Thatcher
Did you know?

Decades ago, union officials and their official labor policy used to fight against illegal immigration.  Yes; there was a time when a union official's first priority was for the prosperity of their workers.  Now however, they have completely abandoned their founding principles.  Instead of fighting against illegal immigration which can lower wages of their workers and all workers across the nation, they fall lock, stock, and barrel with their chosen political party - all in order to gain votes and power.


Perhaps there is no greater example of just how much union officials and their policies have abandoned workers in favor of politics and power

Upcoming Meet & Greet!
Please join us September 14, 2014 at the famous Ford Pagodahouse, Harry Bennett Boat House, 20653 West River Road, Grosse Ile, from 1 PM to 4 PM for an Autumn Afternoon Tea with light refreshments, and meet our Republican Congressional Candidate Terry Bowman! Suggested donation: $25. Sponsorships are available. Bronze: $250, Silver: $500, Gold: $1000. For more information and to volunteer, please contact Connie Clark, Joan Strawser or Pauline Montie at 313-383-6744, or click 'here' to RSVP.  
Paid for by Terry Bowman for Congress, P.O. Box 2385, Dearborn, Mi.  48123   

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on September 3, 2014 at 1:32pm
YOUR candidate   Of the people,
By the people,
For the People

Picnic in the Park with Terry Bowman and the campaign!
We will be there to answer your questions, hand you a yard sign (and one for your neighbor), give you literature to share with your friends and family, and to sign you up as a volunteer for the most exciting congressional race in the country!

Washtenaw County GOP - Picnic in the Park 


Saturday, September 6, 2014, 1pm - 3pm


at Montibeller Park, 4305 Ellsworth Rd, Pittsfield Twp 48197


[located just east of Carpenter Road]


Pot Luck! Bring a dish to pass!


Hot dogs, Sloppy Joes, and drinks provided


Admission is free ~~ Donations accepted


Two play areas ....bring the kids!


Bring a friend & meet the candidates!


To register for this free event go to, or simply click 'here'  


For more information, call the Washtenaw GOP at (734) 996-9467

Building a Better Future - Together.
Too many times in political campaigns, the focus of candidates stop at election day.  The desire to do whatever it takes to win, is a powerful motivator to put the future on hold, and to outsource the tough decisions onto the backs of future generations.
Unfortunately, we see this all too often from our elected officials in Washington.  The desire to win elections; the desire to remain in power; the desire to make promises in order to gain votes, all add to over $17 Trillion in debt for this country. 
If you are a moral, ethical person, how can you continue down this path?  When I look into kids faces, I still see that same sense of wonderment that you and I felt as kids in this country.  How in the world do we set them down and inform them that because of our unwillingness to make tough decisions, they will enter adulthood with the consequences that we were unwilling to face.
This campaign is focused on stopping the immoral and unethical uncontrolled spending by elected officials wanting to give everything away - all in order to remain in power.
As your duly elected Representative, I will promise you that I will fight for:
  1. Term Limits for ALL Federal Elected Offices - 12 years (6 terms) maximum in the House of Representatives, and 12 years (2 terms) maximum in the Senate should be the law of the land.  We should NEVER see a family holding onto an office for 81 years, let alone passing it off to another generation.
  2. Uncontrolled Spending - our national debt of over $17 Trillion dollars is not because we don't tax Americans enough.  We spend way too much.  We will never tax ourselves into prosperity, and we will never forcefully steal enough taxes from well-to-do Americans to make a dent into our debt.  There is only one option; fight with everything we have against out-of-control Washington spending.
  3. Create a job-friendly environment - It can really be that simple.  More jobs means more tax-paying citizens, and more jobs means less spending.  Period.  Unlike what my opponent would say, elected officials do not create jobs.  Their responsibility - if they do it correctly - is to create the environment that allows the private sector to create the jobs.
  4. Eliminate the Death Tax - This is a complete violation of an American's trust in their government.  Grieving family members should never have to worry about taxes on the estates of their loved ones.  These are estates built with assets already taxed by the government.
  5. Reduce Capital Gains Tax - Common sense tells you that if you want to kill something - you tax it.  If you want to promote something, reduce taxes to open up investment.  We want Americans to invest in this country, and a high, capital gains tax discourages investment.
  6. Look at alternative taxing methods - Taxing income is not an effective method of equal, fair taxing methods.  Consumption taxes, fair taxes, flat taxes, etc., all need to be looked at as possible alternative tax plans in order to stop an out of control IRS, and to ease the tax burdens on all income levels.

Ensuring that we leave our future generations with a country that is in better shape than it is today means that we have to be willing to make those hard and difficult choices.


I am ready to do just that. 


Electing a representative willing to be a guardian of your children's future is your job.


We hope you are with us, and are willing to spread the word.


After all; YOU are part of our team.  TOGETHER, we can make those tough choices, and TOGETHER we can refuse to outsource the tough decisions onto the backs of our future generations.


If we are successful, we will be...


Building a better future - Together.  



Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 31, 2014 at 1:20pm

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