My Fellow American Patriots:

There are some out there that might believe that the majority of our nation is ill-equipped to lead. Therefore, this important task has typically fallen, by default, onto those with an "Ivy League" education, those that have name recognition, those that are wealthy, or those well connected within a political party.

While it is true that to become elected is not an easy task, more and more Americans now have a good education and, equally important, have good common sense. And I believe that the TEA Party movement is about a return to good common sense and grass roots ideas and values. We have lost these important attributes almost completely in D.C. That is why our Constitution is under daily attack. The D.C. crowd has forgotten why our common sense Founders wrote what they did! They have forgotten why the Founders thought it prudent, nay ESSENTIAL, to include the Bill of Rights as the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. This was no accident. These first 10 Amendments are what separates U.S. citizens from other citizens across the globe. If we allow these to be eliminated or watered down, we will then join the ranks of powerless citizens seen in the majority of nations on Earth. The U.S.A. has been and remains yet today the greatest nation on Earth because our Founders placed in writing and made legal the God-given rights enumerated in the first 10 Amendments!

I believe our movement should one day be re-named the "T-Party" movement. And, as far as I am concerned, the "T" should stand for "Taxpayer". Without us contributing taxpayers, our nation would grind to a halt. Funny thing, though. We taxpayers are not here to only pay taxes (not that we object to paying our fair share). Heck, we hold responsible jobs, we run businesses, we volunteer, we read the WSJ, we understand the Constitution, etc., and yes, we can even lead!

So during the upcoming July 4th activities, let us come together as a team of grass roots leaders. Let us bring with us for sharing our best ideas and thoughts (and, yes, even our prayers). Let us respectfully speak and listen to each other--really listen. For in our midst, there is intelligence, there is charisma, there is love of country as founded, and there is a political astuteness not recognized nor feared in D.C. Indeed, among us (though yet unknown) may be the next Washington, or Lincoln, or Reagan. Among us may be the next leader so badly needed in order for our generation to hand down to the next (our children) the same intact, great nation that was handed down to us by our parents.

Happy Birthday, America! And may almighty God bless all of us and guide us during these turbulent times of "change".

P.S. I ask a small favor of you. If you have not already done so, please read the article at the link below by Henry Lamb. It is truly a great piece of work, relevant to our cause. Thank you.


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