The current administration and Congress are running this country into the ground. Americans are becoming increasingly disgruntled. By the time 2010 and 2012 elections occur, GOP candidates will be elected in large numbers. However, that does not help us if those elected are big-government and/or corrupt Republicans. How do we insure that the GOP winners are people that libertarian, tea party, and 912 groups can support? How can we insure that we get candidates who will abide by the Constitution, who will stop taxing and spending, and who will reduce the size and scope of the government?

The answer is for us to become the GOP. We do this by getting elected in August, 2010 to be precinct delegates to our county GOPs. Then, when the county conventions are called, we vote in our members to the county executive committees. Then, we do the same for the district committees, the state committees, and the national committees. After that, we will be the ones who determine the platform, the primary rules, the candidates who get financial backing, etc. We will be able to replace the political opportunists with people of principle.

As the summer and fall have demonstrated, we have those people of principle. We are not seeking personal gain or power. We only want to restore the country that our Founding Fathers gave us—a country which affords freedom, peace, and prosperity to those who are willing to abide by the rules of citizenship and who are willing to assume responsibility for themselves and to take advantage of our wonderful system that rewards those who work hard, better themselves, and find ways to contribute to their communities.

We have ample people to get this done. There are only 600,000 GOP precinct delegate positions to be filled nationally. We know that we have millions of libertarians and tea partiers who have already shown much greater commitment to liberty than what will be required of us to become precinct delegates.

What do we do? First, we recruit our people to become GOP precinct delegates. To do that, we must go to the County Clerk’s office and apply. Then, we must vote for ourselves in the GOP primary in August. If we can get our spouses or significant others or some friends who live in our precincts to vote for us, that should be more than enough.

We won’t have to go door to door, run ads, or make speeches. These precinct delegate slots are rarely contested and often go unfilled. In fact, in the 2008 Washtenaw County GOP primary, only about 15 of the 100 Ann Arbor slots were filled. Nationwide, 30 to 50 percent of the slots are unfilled.

After the primary, we must attend our county conventions at which time we will vote for members of the county executive committee. We will also have to vote for district and state delegates. Some of us will agree to serve on those committees and will have more of a commitment but probably a much less significant one than we have already made this year by going to Washington, protesting, and corresponding with Congress. Some of us will choose not to make a further commitment but we will have already played a vital part in helping people we can trust move on to county, district, state, and national positions.

If we do this, we will become a GOP that we can trust. If we can trust one another, the country will trust us. Since the country is predominantly center right and, since people across the political system are sick and tired of the weasels who promise them everything and deliver them nothing but decreasing wealth and increasing tyranny, our new GOP will have broad appeal. We should be able to build on that trust to take this country back to freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful days than we have ever seen.

It would be best to have our delegates registered with the county clerks by May. We must work assiduously but discretely since we want only the people we trust to be involved. If the powers-that-be get wind of what we’re doing and the strength with which we are doing it, they will push back with everything they’ve got. So we must play our cards close to the chest and quietly recruit those we trust until we show up for the August primaries.

This is the plan in a nutshell. There are more things to do and details to grasp but this is the essence of the plan. We are in the right place with the right plan and the right people to turn this country around. I look forward to discussing this with you and to working with you to secure our liberty.

Please email (

or call (734-995-2038) any time.

Bill Bigler

Leader, Ann Arbor Patriots

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