The party is not even living close to its Mission Statement. The salacious and false attacks against Kerry Bentovolio, an "HONEST" man and war hero, by Nancy Cassis, are as bad as the lies being brought forth by the Obama admin against Romney. 
You, L. Brooks Patterson, Tom Stroup, Bobby Schostack, Carl Berry, Matty Maroun among others, are proving why the GOP is getting to be a hated party. You have violated the first edict in what the party supposedly stands for.
"I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored."
The public thinks Robert Ficano is about you people?
The papers and media have become one-sided (PAID OFF). His signs are being stolen. His reputation is being destroyed by the "Good ol: Boys".
The Chicago style politics have to stop! Life is cruel but it doesn't have to be barbaric.
Dennis Waling

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Comment by Dennis Michael Waling on July 29, 2012 at 4:56pm

I was at the same meeting today and spoke to Kerry. He told me the same thing.

Comment by Denis Curran on July 29, 2012 at 4:51pm

Update from the mud fest: This morning (July 29), Chairman Schostak called Mr. Bentivolio and told him he was fed up with the lies being spread in the 11th District, and he "was going to put a stop to it". Whether that is within his ability I don't know.  If so, an even handed application it will definitely restrict the main activities of the Cassis campaign, without affecting the Bentivolio one.

Comment by Denis Curran on July 22, 2012 at 5:20pm

You are being hypersensitive, Sharon. I tried to point out that Schostak and Berry  were not the cause of this, although neither has a perfectly objective record otherwise.

So, Mr. Schostak offered "any and all resources the party has to help a running candidate"? If that's accurate, the role he played was reactive in a big way (although it's hard to detect any sign of it). Wouldn't it be a simpler world if the party officials stayed out of the primaries, neither sabotaging or boosting any particular candidate? I guess that's too much to expect.

Regarding: "our efforts and resources should be focused on taking out our common enemy": That is what the party bosses can always count on. Every election is always "the most important election in your lifetime". We're all obligated to silence any dissent until after the election - which is when they no longer have any reason to care what anyone thinks. (As long as the party won something that year, they're still on top and take the credit.) Since there are never any consequences, the same old patterns continue, cycle after cycle - no matter what they do, the overseers know they can rely on everyone obediently staying in line and working hard for them.

Comment by Dennis Michael Waling on July 21, 2012 at 9:18pm

I do want to apologize to Bobby Schostack and Carl Berry for including them in the letter to Joe Xuereb. My sources were in error and I was flaming mad over the attacks on Kerry Bentivolio so I took their word that these 2 were also included. I hope they accept my apology.


Dennis Waling

Comment by Sharon Lollio on July 21, 2012 at 8:29pm

While I agree with much of what you wrote Dennis - there are a few things I will take exception to.  First of all why don't you ask Kerry if Schostak has done anything to hurt him or his campaign.  I believe you might find the Chairman called Kerry directly and offered him any and all resources the party has to help a running candidate.  And to include Carl Berry in the line up, is to do him a great disservice.  I know for A FACT Carl Berry had nothing to do with the Cassis/L. Brooks Patterson/good ole boy meeting.  He understands in an election year such as the one we are facing, that our efforts and resources should be focused on taking out our common enemy.  While most certainly I agree that what was done to Kerry was a great injustice, that the Cassis hit pieces on Kerry are dispicable, outrageous, desperate and truthfully embarressing - I can't stand by and let all good Republicans be taken out by this "Establishment" witch hunt.  I've had a number of conservative Republicans ask where we've been the last 10 years?  That is has been kind of rough going it alone.  On this issue in the 11th - I think we had better check our facts on who the real players were and be careful not to make judgement calls without them.  The only one that can really tell you who has "done him wrong" is Kerry.  Oh and by the way, we did put out a press release that Rattle With Us along with 3 other groups are supporting Kerry in this race.

Comment by Denis Curran on July 17, 2012 at 2:03pm

The problem is, the political professionals who currently run the 11th District Republican party don't have any reason to care about right or wrong. They are in it to advance their own interests, retaining their grasp on insider club membership to make sure they can control whoever gets elected - they have to be careful that any elected office holder is beholden to them, or where will their power and influence go?

They have no reason to listen to arguments based on principle. Appealing to the party bosses to do the right thing is only going to get you a patronizing brush off, and they'll carry right on with looking out for Number 1. They have a clear track record of showing up to tell TEA party groups everything they want to hear when there are no issues on the table, and then disappearing off to do as they please when a consequential decision has to be made.

The only thing that gets their attention is a direct and immediate threat to their own interests. Such as? Let's give that some thought.

I've been attending the committee meetings for about a year now, keeping track of who, where, and what, and of the people named above, Tom Stroup and Brooks Patterson are the real instigators. Joe Xuereb went along with them (the vote at their little Oakland County coronation was unanimous, 11-0). Whatever role Schostak played was reactive, the same way he defended the Santorum delegate switch after the fact, even though he had stated the opposite to the press just days earlier. Carl Berry is doing the same, falling in line to defend the party establishment, though I don't know that he played a role in the original sabotage-the-nominee decison. Has Mr. Maroun taken some part in this?

Appealing to people's better nature will have no effect in this case. The question now is - what is the right thing for a TEA party to do when this sort of thing is pulled on them?

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