Mr. Schauer,
I read the email that your office sent around and you made these points listed below:

·Shifts control away from insurance companies, requiring them to offer coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions or medical history and prohibiting them from dropping coverage or raising rates when people get sick.
·Gives you peace of mind, knowing that you'll never lose your coverage if you get sick or lose a job, and guarantees that you can keep your current doctor and health care plan if you like them.
·Lowers costs by covering preventive care, promoting personal responsibility, and creating an insurance exchange to allow for choice among private or public health insurance options.
·Expands the Medicare prescription drug coverage for seniors by eliminating the prescription drug "donut hole".
·And offers quality, affordable health coverage to everyone in America without raising the federal deficit.

What I would like to know is, did something new happen that I am unaware of that changed so that the federal deficit will not increase? Didn't you already allocate over $1 trillion to this cause? Is this not an increase in the federal deficit?

You don’t need to “shift control away from the insurance companies” to stipulate that all companies must work on a level playing field with regards to pre-existing conditions.
Remember that it was “congress” that started the HMO’s, not private companies and congress is to blame for most of the high costs of health care.

The only way you can possibly lower costs is to make the insurance mandatory so that people that do not want to pay for coverage, the younger generation, will have to. This is not “Choice”

If you lock up the loopholes and all the fraud being committed daily in the Medicare system, you’d have plenty of money to cover all the people that currently need coverage that cannot afford coverage. Loosen restrictions on the red tape one must go through to get on Medicare and maybe more would take the time to get on board.

There’s no reason to rebuild the engine because a spark plug is not firing, do a tune-up and fix the leaks, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Not one of you are talking tort reform because most of you are attorneys and they are also the ones that support your campaign fund, however this would greatly reduce costs.

Lift regulations on Health Savings Accounts and more would use it knowing that they get to keep their own money, get catastrophic coverage with a deductible and have money put away for either a major health issue or part of a nice nest egg to retire with, this they can take from job-to-job.

Why are premiums only deductible by companies and not private citizens?

These are just a few of the idea’s we have regarding the health care issue, but you and the democrats have not looked at any of these options, but rather are insistent in moving towards a tried and proven to fail socialistic system.

Stating that the Republicans have “obstructed” the health care issue for 61 years shows your lack of bi-partisanship, your lack of willing to work for what’s best for the American people and your commitment to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the almighty dollar that you think these people will give you to get re-elected next cycle.

Congress has had many occasions to fix the health care system but decided in it’s own interest to move out of the plan that the rest of the country has to live with. This was not just republicans my friend but the democrats as well. Don’t spew this political propaganda to the masses it will not work anymore.

Congress also saw fit to accept a pay raise when millions of Americans were losing their jobs because of government mis-management. Lawyers with 20 years experience have a national average salary of $133,000 annually, but congress thinks that $180,000 is the right amount. I suggest you all take a huge pay-cut to pull yourself within the realms of what your cohorts make and also join in on any health/retirement plan you feel the American people must live with.

We can only assume that because of this direction, the democrats are not seriously working towards health care reform but are hell-bent on destroying the capitalistic economic system that has made this country the richest and most powerful nation on the planet in just 230 years and we will vote accordingly in 2010 to remove those that want this country to die.

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Comment by Jim J on August 21, 2009 at 10:21am
An excellent letter, Phillip! I would hope that he reads it!...or better yet, if you could get it down into 500 words or less, you could submit it the Jackson Patriot, Saline Reporter, Battle Creek Enquirer as a Letter to the Editor! ....than MANY will read it!...I got mine published last week, and I was very heartened to get many phone calls from neighbors thanking me for my efforts!....these LTE's DO WORK!....Let's amke sure we embarass them at ever opportunity. (Alinsky#5)

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