Dear Sen. McCain, I watched in horror yesterday as you threw Democrats a life line on Health Care Reform. Perhaps you were not listening to the several speakers who were against the bill ... they were not saying that nothing should be done about health care. They were saying that the current bill authored by the Democrats should be scrapped and that no Republican should support such a bill. Conservatives want to reform Health Care but do not want to be party to the chicanery that is all to much a part of the Democrat play book. You have been part of the political landscape to know that the Democrats are looking for political cover on this. Make them own this bill. I encourage you to read Mackey's (CEO of whole Foods) , piece from the WSJ . It is clear that this man has met a payroll and has had to provide Health Care to his employees. Use the bully pulpit to express conservative solutions. We do not need to "sit down and talk about it!" Doing so will only advance the Liberal Democrat agenda. Take a breath, look around. This is a great country ! Please do not let the Progressive Democrats use you as a shill. You are better than that ! The Progressive agenda must be stopped... no compromise. That Senator is what the woman at your Townhall was talking about !


Lynn Perenic

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