Livonia City Council election November 5

     Livonia is having a city council election in ten days. The candidates who are running are:

Maureen Miller Brosnan
Brian Duggan
Christopher Martin
Luke McGrail
Brian Meakin
Susan M. Nash
Tom Robinson
Lynda Scheel

Livonia residents can vote for up to four of the candidates.

A sample ballot can be found here: Livonia City Clerk - ballots

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Comment by Denis Curran on November 6, 2013 at 2:18pm

Excerpt from Livonia Observer:

"For the first time in Livonia’s history, a majority of the city council seats are occupied by women.

Councilwoman Maureen Miller Brosnan and former Councilman Brian Meakin won new terms on the council Tuesday, while Susan Nash and Lynda Scheel will join them as newcomers, according to unofficial results.

“We have four women on council. That is history. We've never done that before,” Brosnan said. “We're a female-dominated council. I am really excited about it.”

Councilman Tom Robinson lost his bid for re-election.

Laura Toy is already on the Council, so that makes four women and three men.
Brosnan new president

Brosnan came in first with 6,676 votes and will serve as council president, followed by Meakin, who came in second with 6,433 votes, and will serve as vice president.


Nash will have a four-year term, coming in third with 6,256 votes while Scheel will serve on council for two years after coming in fourth place with 5,911 votes."

Full story at: Link
Also: Link

Comment by Denis Curran on November 4, 2013 at 11:56am

     OK, it's the day before the election, and nobody has posted any carefully researched information, so I'll throw out what little I've been able to pick up. The Wayne 11th committee endorsed Meakin and Scheel. They spent some money to mail out a pretty good negative hit piece on Brosnan, Robinson, and Duggan. There is some concern that Brosnan, essentially a Democrat, wants to run for mayor later. McGrail sounded good at a candidate forum, but said he was endorsed by the "Livonia Democratic Club". Nobody is paying any attention to Martin.

      In talking with a few other RWU people, a couple have concerns about Scheel from some associations she had when she was on the school board. Several people think Susan Nash would be good.

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