Mark Schauer Will Never Get My Vote - Kay Bentley

Hi Tom,
This is the response that I got back from him when I email him about my position on the health care bill. He will not get any vote from me.
Kay Bentley

-------Original Message-------

Date: 8/6/2009 4:23:11 PM

August 6, 2009

Ms. Kay Frances Bentley

6290 Wilderness Dr

South Lyon, Michigan 48178

Dear Ms. Bentley:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act. I appreciate hearing from you on such an important issue.‪

America has the best health care system in the world-if you can afford it. However, there are more than one million people in Michigan currently living without health insurance, and at least 620 people losing their health care in our state every day due to the economic crisis and out-of-control health care costs.‪ This is unacceptable, and unsustainable.

As your Congressman, one of my top priorities is to solve the health care crisis by developing a uniquely American solution that offers everyone access to quality, affordable health care that you can never lose, shifting control from insurance companies to consumers, and lowering costs for families and businesses.‪

Over the past nine years, health care premiums for families have doubled while wages have stayed the same. If we do nothing, health care costs are guaranteed to go up-hurting middle-class families, senior citizens, small businesses, and Michigan's already struggling manufacturing sector.‪

My wife and I know how tough it is to run a small business. Because of skyrocketing health insurance premiums, the percentage of small businesses offering coverage dropped from 68% to 59% from 2000 to 2007. Under the current system, small businesses pay up to 18% more per worker than large businesses-meaning more and more people are going without health coverage. Health care costs add $1,600 to the price tag of every vehicle that Ford, GM and Chrysler builds in the U.S., making it more difficult to compete with foreign imports. Additionally, millions of seniors have fallen into the Medicare prescription drug "donut hole" and have no way to pay for necessary medications.‪

This legislation will not come up for a vote in the House of Representatives until at least September. While I have already read the bill as-passed by three House Committees, I pledge to closely study any proposed changes and base my decision on these guiding principles for reform:‪

· Does the bill give you peace of mind, knowing that you'll never lose your coverage if you get sick or lose a job, and guaranteeing that you can keep your current doctor and health care plan if you like them?‪

· Does the plan lower costs by covering preventive care, promoting personal responsibility, and creating an insurance exchange to allow for choice among private or public health insurance options?‪

· Does the plan shift control away from insurance companies, requiring them to offer coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions or medical history and prohibiting them from dropping coverage or raising rates when people get sick?‪

· Does the bill expand Medicare prescription drug coverage for seniors by eliminating the prescription drug "donut hole"?‪

· Does it offer quality, affordable health coverage to everyone in America without raising the federal deficit?‪‪

We need a uniquely American health care system - not one like Canada or Great Britain - that builds on what works in our current system and fixes what's broken. If we do nothing, small businesses, families, seniors and manufacturers will continue to struggle as costs continue to skyrocket.‪

Again, thank you for contacting me. To receive updates on this and other issues, and to review the bill, please visit my website at If you have additional questions or concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mark Schauer

Member of Congress

To receive updates on this and other issues, please visit my website and sign up for E-Newsletter updates at

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on October 23, 2009 at 11:18am
Kay! I live in Schauer' district as well. I'm so glad to have found someone else besides me and Mariberth that live in this guy's area.

He has got to go! I write him as well. I wrote him a letter about Cap and Trade - begging him to break with his PARTY and think about the people living in Michigan with no jobs, jobs that can barely cover their bills and who need HEAT AND LIGHTING in a state that for 6 months out of the year is cold and dark.

He did not even have an appropriate form letter to respond to mine. I guess he thought most of us didn't even know what Cap and Trade was or what it would do to the "middle" class Schauer spends so much time acting like he is fighting for.

After I sent my email his office thanked me for contacting him and the response letter was asking for donations to help his "team" continue to fight the Republicans!

I was so mad and so shocked, I copied my letter and Schauer's response to a few of my friends. If it wasn't so pathetic, it would have been funny.

Out of touch, out of control and hopefully with some work - out of office by next year.

Rattle With Us has kept our protests and activities to the Plymouth/Northville/Canton locations because most of our members are from these areas, but I think Schuaer needs to get "hit" a few times from the voters.

People complain about Peters but Schauer is way worse. The entire month of August he was the Invisible (Congress) Man.

Guess you can't sense my frustration (wink) - I will try and keep you informed of any events that are either held in protest of Schauer or in favor of Walberg. I have not heard of anyone else running for District 7.

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