Matt Dame for Plymouth/Canton School Board! We need your help to make this happen!

The email below was sent out by the Wayne 11th.  Matt Dame has been part of RWU for a while and he needs our help.  It would be great if we could get some of our members to either make phone calls or walk the neighborhoods for him.  Hope to see some of you on Fridays at the Fix Michigan Center.
Please do your homework and check out all the candidates that are running for these 4 open seats.  We need to be involved in all elections! Encourage your friends and family who may hav never voted in school board elections that we need them to do so now!
We urgently need your help whether you live in the district or not.  Your assistance will help change the liberal, MEA influenced Board of Education in the Plymouth-Canton School District.  Please recruit your friends and family too.
PHONE BANK (Most Urgent)
The M&M guys (Mark Horvath, Mike Andro, Matt Dame & Mike Maloney) the candidates we are supporting for the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Board of Education need some volunteers to make calls at the phone bank tonight from 4 - 6pm and from 6 - 8pm.  We will also have the phone banks operating this weekend.  It is simple and we have 1000's of friendly Absentee Voters to contact in a short period of time (less than a week).  If you are available, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Mike Andro, the candidate recruiting volunteers.
The phone bank is on Plymouth Road near Middlebelt at the Fix Michigan Center.  It's in the strip mall by Chili's.
We plan to start knocking on doors this Saturday as well.  We will probably meet at 10am in Canton but the location has not been determined yet.  Please email if you are available to walk this Saturday, or on any of the weekends coming up before November 8th.
The lawn signs are done.  We would like locations where we could put all 4 signs in the same lawn.  Let us know if we can do that on your lawn and if you know others who will allow us to do so as well.
Please pass the word around as we could use all the help you can muster through your friends and family.
The Team website is
Thanks for your help!!

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