Mich Dept. Of Ed pro lgbt social studirs standsrds

From the Face book page of Stephen Rockmsn

On June 11, 2019 the Michigan Department of Education will vote on whether to implement the anti-American, pro-LGBT social studies standards. I have been beating the drum warning about this with the hope that my fellow WMRs would feel a sense of urgency to act. The response has been underwhelming.

So many of us wring our hands about what has happened to our culture, and consequently, our politics. It starts with shaping minds and attitudes. We have surrendered this responsibility to public education and are now reaping what has been sown and have lost a large number of the so-called millennials to the authoritarian, anti-liberty, morally corrupt left. Shall we surrender the next generation and America as founded, or shall we act?

So you tell me. What does it take to get a large group of Patriots to the MDE board meeting on June 11 to protest and show that the public does not support the perversion of public education? We have to do this for ourselves, no one else will.

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