#Michigan #Prop2 - Will NOT end GerryMandering of Congressional Districts...

#Michigan Prop2 - "supposed anti-GerryMandering" initiative....

People need to understand/realize (and the ProProp2 folks rely on many Peoples' ignorance of the Law/topic) that, technically speaking, it is virtually REQUIRED BY LAW. What do I mean?!?! There are various Laws regarding the issue of how Districts have to be drawn. 1) basic, to encompass somewhat equal amounts of citizens within the distributed Districts (and they cannot control where people populate land and therefore have to wiggle lines around in order to accomplish this. (2) (and IMO a violation of equal protections) under some Civil Rights Laws (and again, IMO, failing equal rights/protections, SCOTUS has upheld) certain "MINORITY" Districts be created! .... etc....But it has seemingly gone way beyond that....

Though, I think People need to be better Educated on the Facts that JerryMandering is NEVER, EVER, going away as (again) virtually REQUIRED BY LAW to meet (point 1 anyway) reasonable (not point 2, unreasonable and Constitutional violation) goals. Prop2 is NOT about, never was intended to be about, Anti-GerryMAndering, but just an attempt to try and put control of ReDistricting, who gets to do the GerryMandering, into the hands of a LIBERAL DOMINATED PANEL!

It is part of SOROS MONEY BACKED initiatives exactly like this in many, many, many, States while at the same time they are putting a huge push on gaining control of Secretary of State Offices across the country - especially in States where GOP, more often than not, control the Legislatures (and therefore their desperate attempts to prevent them from continue to have the proper/Constitutional/legal authority to draw District lines.

We also saw the far Left-wing do what they could not do via Legislature or ballot initiative via PA LIBERAL ACTIVIST CONTROLLED COURTS (including their Supreme Court) who dictated their own drawn lines (clear over-step) yet our #SCOTUS failed to take up the Case/appeal on the appropriate SEPARATION OF POWERS issue(s) and thereby allowing the pathetic over-reach to stand. That is likely to automatically GIVE (by Judicial Activist/fiat) Democrats four more #USHouse seats this Election cycle.

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