Michigan Legislature to Vote on Illegal Immigration

From "Fox News Latino":

Michigan Legislature to Vote Soon on Immigration Bill
By Elizabeth Llorente
Published June 27, 2011

The Michigan House of Representatives is expected to take up two immigration bills that passed a committee last week.

The bills require public sector employers to use E-Verify to check a prospective worker’s eligibility to be employed in the United States. Businesses, including subcontractors, that do not abide by the law would not be permitted to do business with government agencies for a year.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Dave Agema, says the measures will stop taxpayer money from going toward salaries for undocumented workers.  He says that legal residents of Michigan, which has been one of the worst-hit states in the nation’s ailing economy, cannot afford to lose jobs to people who are unlawfully in the United States.


Gov. Rick Snyder has said that an immigration law such as the one passed last year in Arizona would "encourage a divisive atmosphere."


Full article at: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2011/06/27/michigan-legis...

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