#Michigan: #Prop1: Pot legalization - How many are conflicted between YES or NO Vote - cuz its complicated!

My long and complicated stance on Prop-1. They had a great discussion this am on ART on WAAM Talk 1600 Radio and I found grounds of agreement with People on both sides of the issue. The WAAM interaction pretty much also sums up the many conversations I've had with others on this topic also and therefore, IMO, worth recapping/sharing.....

Janice Daniels raised the very correct point/issue of Personal Freedoms, Constitutional authorities, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I agree with Janice on that point. HOWEVER, and of course, with the #Socialist nanny-state we no longer have any semblance of an environment or expectation of Personal Responsibilities.

We are a long way away from the first 100-150 (even first 200) years of our Founding and those Days of Personal Responsibility and we as Christians being our Brothers' Keeper through the Churches and Charity improperly having handed over to State Govt (which is bad enough) but much of it unConstitutionally to the Federal Govt (misapplication of "Render unto Caesar," whole other discussion we've had on ART and WAAM "Moment Of Clarity" (with Richard Clark Deitering) Shows).

Ed Bonderenka (Caller, but CoHost of other WAAM Show: TheDrift) didn't quite get to the point I thought he was going to ultimately get to when he spoke of being open to discussion of decriminalization (eventually) but NO ON CURRENT PROP-1. I agree with Ed on that.

Where I think the most important point was made, that brings the two conflicting thoughts/positions I have was in a "parting comment" that DOCTOR Robert Steele (former #MICD12 Candidate) said (though he wanted and intended to keep his Call to the MEDICAL aspects of the issue, and reasons to VOTE NO). He said, in parting, from the Libertarian aspects/stance, it would be one thing if "with the Marijuana Card" folks were also (and he didn't say it exactly this way but what he meant) they be FORCED to sign a Contract and Carry a "figurative" "NO GOVERNMENT BENEFITS CARD" (not, literally carry the Card, of course, but yes literally be required to legally sign away any claim to benefits). Yes, a return and understanding of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and if you screw up your Life with the substance YOU DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF IT THE REST OF SOCIETY DOESN'T HAVE TO BAIL YOUR ASS OUT AGAIN!!! And on that I am absolutely in agreement with Rob!!!

This is where I have to get more Technical and nit-picky, cuz Libtards BASTARDIZE THE LANGUAGE and warped Peoples' thinking. We cannot, and would not, be able to make anyone sign away their Rights to MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY as those are ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS that the People have paid in to AND THEREFORE ARE ENTITLED TO A RETURN ON YOUR "SUPPOSED INVESTMENT" (despite they are really Govt Ponzi schemes)!

Welfare, Food Stamps, etc, ARE NOT TRUE/ACTUAL ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS. There is NO Welfare or Food Stamps Trust Fund that you pay into. Yes, many pay for that in the form of GENERAL FEDERAL TAXES (but, damn near 51% of Americans now don't actually PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES - General Federal Tax, not SS/MediCare SPECIAL/separate Taxes - they actually get REDISTRIBUTIONS OF OTHERS' TAXES already) but they are NOT ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS the way SS and Medicare are.

Likewise, you should be stripped of UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS! If you screw up your Life where you are unsafe and/or unreliable enough to be ON THE JOB and are therefore FIRED the rest of Society should NOT have to BAIL OUT YOUR ASS!

And spare me/us the IT WILL ELIMINATE THE BLACK MARKET nonsense... The Black Market (Peoples' current Local Drug Dealer) does not have Storefront expenses, License Fees/costs, Taxes on Profits, Taxes on Product, all of which are passed on to the Customer and therefore will still be offering the Marijuana CHEAPER and therefore WILL NOT BE GOING OUT OF THEIR ILLEGAL BUSINESS DEALINGS!


So, bottom-line, I believe in the Constitution and the Founders notion of Personal Freedom AND INDIVIDUAL/PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. IF we are willing to undo the Nanny-State, or they volunteer to sign away any claim to those benefits, I would be happy to support decriminalization. BUT NOT UNTIL THAT HAPPENS.


[edit/update: Thanks to Ed for sharing a link to the AUDIO (58m) of today's Abolitionists RoundTable: Dropbox (AUDIO) save of ART Show (Sat 10/13 9am)

and if you're reading this from/in a SHARED GROUP environment, you can see the original Post and discussion (several comments) already underway over there (my Personal Profile Timeline) at: My original FaceBook Post]

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