Michigan Republicans introduce legislation to borrow $100 million for "light rail" projects

Some people aren't getting it!


House Bill 4035 was introduced by Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R-104) on January 13, 2011, to authorize up to $100 million in state borrowing and additional debt (“selling bonds”) to build a new “fixed-guideway transit” system and other rail projects (government "light rail" projects).  It is co-sponsored by Sharon Tyler (R-78) and Greg MacMaster (R).  Here's a link to the bill:




I believe this legislation is something to be concerned about because it is part of Governor Snyder's 10-point plan (see #5 on the following link):




The bill is currently in the House Transportation Committee.  The following are the members of the committee:


Paul Opsommer (R-chair-93)   517-373-1778   paulopsommer@house.mi.gov

Ben Glardon (R-85)   517-373-0841   BenGlardon@house.mi.gov

Kevin Daley (R-82)   517-373-1800   KevinDaley@house.mi.gov

Wayne Schmidt (R-104)   517-373-1766   WayneSchmidt@house.mi.gov
Matt Huuki (R-110)   517-373-0850   MattHuuki@house.mi.gov

Bradford Jacobsen (R-46)   517-373-1798   BradJacobsen@house.mi.gov

Paul Muxlow (R-83)   517-373-0835   PaulMuxlow@house.mi.gov

Rick Olson (R-55)   517-373-1792   RickOlson@house.mi.gov

Mark Ouimet (R-52)   517-373-0828   MarkOuimet@house.mi.gov

Pat Somerville (R-23)   517-373-0855   PatSomerville@house.mi.gov

Douglas Geiss (D-22)   517-373-0852   DouglasGeiss@house.mi.gov

Alberta Talabi (D-3)   517-373-1776   AlbertaTalabi@house.mi.gov

Lesia Liss (D-28)   517-373-2275   LesiaLiss@house.mi.gov

 David Nathan (D-11)   517-373-3815   DavidNathan@house.mi.gov

Barb Byrum (D-67)   517-373-0587   barbbyrum@house.mi.gov

Roy Schmidt (D-76)   517-373-0822   RoySchmidt@house.mi.gov

Charles Smiley (D-50)   517-373-3906   CharlesSmiley@house.mi.gov

Not on the committee:

Sharon Tyler (R-78)   517-373-1796   SharonTyler@house.mi.gov

Greg MacMaster (R-105)   517-373-0829   GregMacMaster@house.mi.gov

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