#Michigan #USSenate #GOP #Primary beginning? #James, IF running, obvious front-runner, but who might be other serious #Candidates?

#Michigan: Well, it seems we may actually be now getting to some serious back-and-forth (not all positive, nor rooted in POLICY POSITIONS but name-calling) about adopting an early serious Candidate to go at Peters (James, Carr, Penske, names floated thus-far)....

I agree, it would be good to adopt an early front-runner and to start hot-and-heavy AT PETERS (NOT, at one another)... The following is a response of mine within a Twitter Group (yes, those exist now) about the names tossed about thus far....

Someone, who I consider a Friend, who it exactly is unimportant to call out (again, a Friend, I just don't happen to think it best to engage this way), said Bob Carr is "TOO LIBERAL".... My Question back: Exactly which of his "Policy positions" is Liberal?

And need I remind people that TRUMP was once VERY LIBERAL and supportive of very Far-Left Liberal #Democrats - he clearly evolved while his sister is still ultra liberal and Ivanka is too (and pushing the UnConstitutional expansion of the already UnConstitutional #BillClinton #FLA (see: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/opinion-conservative/2018/3393784.html).

So, again, I have to ask, exactly what of Carr's current positions is Liberal? And, on the other hand, having said that, I have to say IMO, #BobCarr was a far better Candidate with his AG ties to have run vs #Stabenow, NOT #PETERS. *AND* #James far better suited to Run vs #Peters, #Veteran vs Veteran, than he was Stabenow.

And since the topic of the #USSenate seat has been brought back up, I'll bring back up the question that if we SERIOUSLY want a chance, should Trump convince his "good Friend" #RogerPenske to run (since his name came back up with #TeamPenske winning #Indy500 over #MemorialDayWeekend and #Trump tweeting his congratulations)?!?!? I am NOT saying this is MY GUY, but raising the serious discussion that he is obviously well known, well liked (even by many #Democrats and/or #Independents) - more: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/economics-and-politics/2016/2490772.html

Clearly, #JohnJames, if he decides to Run again, and that is NOT a given, has to be given the front-runner, likely presumptive nominee, but should NOT be considered a GIVEN without knowing any/all potential other options!

#Penske, given the #Trump effect, Trumps (yes, pun intended) them all. Which is NOT to say he is even my preferred Candidate, but has to be seriously discussed if we want a SERIOUS chance at taking the Seat from the Democrats!

And all in here (viewing this via link from #Twitter, #GAB, #MeWe, #Spreely, #PolitiChat, other....) if on FascistBook, need to be part of those discussion in the Group... http://facebook.com/groups/thxalotgary … ("Thanks Alot Gary, NOT" - Replace Peters Group)

And for historic perspective review, the Anti-Stabenow group http://facebook.com/groups/thxalotdebbie … ("Thanks Alot Debbie, NOT" - Replace Stabenow Group)

For those that absolutely love James, those of us that know him best here in his home county of Wayne, know his "lacking" side and that he will need a far better Campaign Team than he had last time (he could have potentially won, if he had a more responsive campaign team (that comes from many people, including Radio hosts and SEVERAL MI Congressional District Committee Chairs/ViceChairs that wanted to help the campaign, that they just BLEW OFF all across the State, but I don't want to elaborate cuz my intent is NOT to publicly bad-mouth John but be honest that "issues" must be addressed if we are actually going to WIN this time)).

With any/all of these candidates, it is NOT all good, and NOT all bad! Some will be heavy in one Camp and may not be willing to have the HONEST discussion of ALL THE PROS/CONS OF ALL CANDIDATES!

Reality, is far more complicated.

Please, Let's try and avoid CULT status to anyone! Let's try to have HONEST/OPEN DISCUSSION! And, as Best as possible, discuss all our Candidates in a Light VERSUS PETERS (rather than vs each other)! It is ultimately their positions VS PETERS that matter and will then/therefore need be highlighted NOW AND LATER if we are to defeat Gary!

Posted to: http://facebook.com/groups/thxalotgary ("Thanks Alot Gary, NOT" - Replace Peters Group) Cross-Posted to #Spreely, #MeWe, #PolitiChat, and #RWUTEAParty(SEMi)site which link will be used often by me to share/convey these thoughts that are clearly far too long to be cut/pasted over and over into FB/MeWe/Spreely/PolitiChat and especially Twitter Groups or Gab/Twitter posts)!

Thank You - LET'S TRY TO KEEP THE MAJORITY OF THE FOCUS ON GARY PETERS! When we Talk about any of our favorite Candidate(s) comparing them to #GaryPeters and specific #POLICY issues/differences/SPECIFICS as much as possible! ANY of our Candidates, while not perfect, no-one is perfect, is going to be infinitely better than #Peters!

Ad-hominem ATTACKS (within the FB Defeat Peters Group) of calling a fellow #GOP Candidate a #LIBERAL or #RINO will just automatically be DELETED *UNLESS* you (at least try and) substantiate your claim by pointing to (rather, need to "QUOTE" in CONTEXT) specific POLICY STATEMENTS, links to Audio/Video to prove your assertions where/when possible!

related (from last cycle, still applies to this and every cycle going forward) - Key to Winning StateWide Races in Michigan (DATA/FACTS, the #MIGOP ignores at its own Peril (as happened in 2018)): https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/u-s-politics/2019/2576573.html

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on May 28, 2019 at 5:17pm


Tyler Hammock I was having this conversation the other day, James is being approached by the both the house and Senate, I think he should go for the house this time. If he goes for the Senate and loses he'd have to losses and it wouldn't look that great. He actually has a good chance from what I hear for that house seat in his district. He should run for that seat, serve then go for the Senate next time. 

Just my 2 cents from a conversation I had with someone else
Joseph M. Lenard yes, there is a LOT of merit in the thought he should lean for the House (retake a Seat, I kinda lean that way myself) but others just got so hung up, vested, in that campaign it is understandable why they'd honestly think a 2nd time around might work!?!?!? I would like to see people get behind Justice Young this time (has run state-wide campaigns before, and CLEARLY (as former MI Supreme Court Justice/ChiefJustice) to be qualified and properly understand our STATES' RIGHTS ISSUES that the #USSenate is "SUPPOSED" to protect!!!

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