Who should be Michigan's next Speaker of the House?

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Given the hubbub surrounding my “Victory” email P.S., I think it is probably worth expanding on a bit further... 
Many have speculated that I am running for Speaker of the State House.  I could see one or two of the incoming freshmen running, but I would like to believe it is way too early for such talk with November still to come.  However, the establishment is already proposing two or more possible choices and locking up the process from all angles; the establishment does this so that there isn't an option that they do not approve of.  That is what really prompted my P.S. at the end of my “Victory” email some days ago. I think it is worth laying out a few items concerning what I, and a few others I have talked to, would like to see in the next Speaker, whoever that might be. (This is assuming a lot, namely the Republicans keeping the State House, but worth laying out just to begin the conversation.)
What could a new the next Speaker look like...
We need Leadership that will STAND - I believe the Speaker should have the attributes of leadership, such as integrity, courage, commitment, grit, the ability to be a team builder, the willingness to stand and plant their stake and stay the course for Conservatism, fortitude, and a profession and commitment of faith. People are sick and tired of a Republican Party that refuses to stand for Conservatism and its own platform.  We are all tired of those who claim Conservative Leaders while advancing ever growing government; it is mind boggling and defies all sensibility. This alone is why people simply don't trust the leadership of our Party to stand for freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, Conservatism, the platform of the party, and the Constitution. 
Standing Strong Now - I believe the Speaker should be someone who is standing strong now.  Many say they will be this sort of leader and claim to be willing to stand once they are in their newly elevated leadership role, but will they stand strong in the battles that we are presently facing?  More often than not, they are silent while conservatism is simply thrown over the side.  We can't have veneer Conservatives in Leadership of our party and then think this will protect the nation from the progressive left's agenda. We have the current battles of Elliott Larsen, the gas tax, Obamacare exchanges, the Obama takeover of Education, and on it goes.  If a person seeks to be Speaker and wants support from Conservatives, then we want to see a strong committed Conservative, who is standing strong now for the things that matter.  It should already be obvious; if it’s not then something else is obvious. 
Hastert Rule (Majority of the Majority) - Speaker’s Commitment to Working for the Caucus he/she represents - I believe the Speaker should be committed to advancing legislation that the majority of his/her own Caucus supports; essentially unless the majority of the Republican House Caucus is committed to the passage of a particular piece of legislation, then it shouldn't be brought up for a vote. 
 Servant Leadership - The Speakership can be a tough job.  It can place the person holding the position into personal conflict between advancing his/her own particular political ideology and the will of his/her Caucus.  At the core of the position there should be a person who holds this position as a steward and servant leader, working for and representing the members of the House.  If the majority of the Republican members of the House sign on to a particular bill being brought to a vote, then I believe it's the Speaker’s duty to be respectful of the Caucus he represents and bring it for a vote, regardless of his/her own personal feelings on the legislation.
Not Selling Out by bringing leftist items to vote that are only passable with the opposing Party's support – The speaker should not pass items with only a handful of our Republican Caucus and the entirety of the Democratic Party in the house; it is offensive to the base and those who elected us as Conservatives to push through and tacitly condone the advancement of progressive legislation, while standing by silently when we have the power to stop it. It's offensive to the platform and to the idea that we claim to be Conservative leaders.
Time to Review Legislation– The speaker should allow for adequate time, a certain number of days, to review legislation prior to voting, for both the legislators and the public. 
Respect for Minority Constituents – The speaker should uphold decorum and respect for the process and when debating legislation for both the Republican Caucus and the opposing party, as well as the rest of the stakeholders. 
The time has passed for the political games of acting like Conservatives to get elected, and then advancing to Lansing and acting like progressives to secure the money to get elected over and over again. We need leaders who will stand now for Liberty and Freedom! 
Todd Courser
Todd Courser
RWUW Group - CoChair 
Joseph Martin Lenard (JLenardDetroit)

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