Michigan's Westsiders to DC for 9/12

From: psalmfourteen@juno.com
Subject: [Michigan-TeaParty-Organizers] Michigan's Westsiders to DC for 9/12
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Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 1:04 PM

Hi everyone;

I met Janice at the Tea Party Training Convention in Lansing back in June.
I thought the info about getting groups going south from the Traverse City area might interest you.
Our charter bus service has agreed to allow 1 or 2 stops on our route to pick up more travelers.
Like perhaps I-94 and I-275 or I-275 at I-75 south of Detroit.
Why don't you talk to this Jason and see what he has to say?

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My name is Janice Daniels; I live in Troy (Oakland County) ... my cell phone number is (248) 882-9996.

I have tried to take something of a leadership role in getting Michiganians to Washington DC for the Sept 12th rally.

I have had limited success but I have in my efforts become acquainted with a number of great people who are organizing plans and/or who want to be a part of the rally and just need some directions.

The ladies whom have been my best resources for information are from the Port Huron Tea Party - Mary Beth (810) 982-8062 (e-mail address psalmfourteen@ juno.com and team member Barb (586) 980-1809 ... they have I think 3 buses reserved and 75 hotel rooms that are available for those who need lodging ( I have alot of information from MaryBeth regarding their plans, I just need to organize all the bits and pieces of information that I have on put it on one speadsheet, which I will this week and provide a copy to everyone).

I have also been in contact with a man named Jason out of Traverse City ... he is agreeable to driving down 131 and stopping in Grand Rapids, Lansing and/or Brighton to pick people up along the way out of town. Jason's email address is tech@ucunet. net and his phone number is (231) 649-0104.

I have copied both of them on this email message ... I am hoping that the 5 or 6 of us can coordinate our efforts and create a Michigan showing of force in Washington DC on the 12th of Sept that the statists cannot ignore.

I will keep in touch ... please do likewise.

Thank you and God Bless all of you and yours,


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