Will Mickey Mouse be helping to RECALL MI Sen. Patrick Colbeck?

The answer is a basic YES if you continue to allow the Left to import WI style thug-ocracy tactics. If they are allowed to win in WI they will move onto each and every State that the Governorship/Legislature flipped from Blue (Democrat) to Red (Republican) in the last election cycle! Michiganders (and many of you in other States) should have all heard by now that ACORN, Union thugs, and the rest of the Far Left Democrat gangs are gearing up (more at the bottom of the page what you can do to help intervene). We will need the assistance of Freedom loving reformers everywhere, just as WI needs our help now.


These tactics are coming here. Are you ready?!?! Are you willing to help NOW? or are you going to slumber until you are already behind the brunt of their attacks when they start up?!?

see: ACTION CALLS (http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/rwuw-recall/) stopping RECALLS "Action Call," (and VIOLENT Rhetoric (more Thug-ocracy)) as the Union leadership is targeting Colbeck and many others (probably someone in your area) in WI style Thug-ocracy politics; as they already successfully have against Paul Scott; for Recall. Oppose the Recall before it gets on the ballot by informing your fellow citizens what is at stake and the Lies (and Fraud) behind these efforts (in person, by phone, or by writing a Letter to the Editor of your favorite Publications, etc).

These are not some far fetched possibilities - the Left is working to undermine YOUR VOTE that you cast in the last election! While you are expected to abide by election results when they go the way of the Leftists undermining our State and Nation - they refuse to accept election out-comes. Whether it because of potential Education reforms (bringing Conservative reforms to Mich. Schools and Bills/Legislation Committee identifies Bills to watch report), "Freedom To Work legislation (see "FREEDOM To Work" Legislation in Michigan report, Michigan Freedom To Work "Action Call", and Bills/Legislation Committee identifies Bills to watch report), Balancing the Budget (rather than allowing Democrats to continue to balloon Budgets out of control), and/or more... ACT NOW - or see the progress reform (return to Constitutional Free markets and Liberty) we have begun.


Please read this special message from our friend, the Wisconsin Recall Action Fund.


Labor unions continue to charge forward in retaliation against common sense leadership in Wisconsin.

Big Labor had already reported that they raised 500,000 signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker in their 30 days.  Now, The Wisconsin State Journal, one of the largest newspapers in Wisconsin, is reporting the Board that will count those signatures has determined:

The signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler will be counted on recall petitions targeting Gov. Scott Walker as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address.”

Pulling a trick out of ACORN's playbook, Labor Bosses plan to use fraud and deception in their attempt to recall Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Recall Action Campaign is fighting back on the ground and over the air. We won't let the the Labor Unions hoodwink Wisconsin. This is why we need you to join us, and make our effort that much stronger.  

Already, more than 1,000 conservatives from all over America have contributed to the Wisconsin Recall Action Fund.

Thanks to your donations and the grassroots activists who are mobilizing throughout Wisconsin, we will be prepared to challenge the recall and fight for Walker.

Help us continue to spread the word about Governor Walker’s recall. Make a donation of $250, $100, or even $35

Scott Walker dared to provide the leadership to govern with fiscal restraint.  Now we must show our leaders that we will stand up for those who stand up for us.


Greg Langhaim
Treasurer, Wisconsin Recall Action Fund

P.S. Click here to read The Wisconsin State Journal's article on suspicious recall signatures.






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