AMC Theatres in Livonia will host a LIVE one night theatrical event on Tuesday, March 27 at 7:30 pm. showing a documentary filmed by Kirk Cameron, an actor and father of 6 children.  It is titled "Monumental" and will help people rediscover the people (Pilgrims) and their principles that made America great.  From what I have read it begins with the Pilgrims who fled tyranny to make a new life based on their religious beliefs and ideals.  I just happened on this after seeing Kirk appear on Fox this morning.  I think this movie is one that our Rattle With Us Members could use as a historical learning experience.  This will be shown in 500 theatres around the U.S on March 27 only so check other theatres in your area as well.  I have seen the trailer for this movie and am very anxious to see it.  When you bring up March 27 on the AMC site to see movies playing that day it is the only one appearing, and a synopsis of the movie pops up if you click on it.  Go to


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