Once again, our US Senator Debbie Stabenow tells us that we are too stupid to read a health care bill and make an informed decision.

Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) had an amendment on the senate health care bill that would allow the finished bill with the “score” (cost and provisions) uploaded to the internet for all American’s to read it and let us decide if it was a good plan or not prior to the senate voting on it, but Ms. Stabenow stated that it “would just confuse them” and the amendment was voted down along party lines.

Apparently she thinks that the million plus of us that showed up in Washington DC to protest the government seizing control of our auto manufacturers, our banks and our financial institutions, our health care system and 20% of our economy was also done by people to stupid to understand the complex workings of our elected officials.

The people that are too stupid to understand are the ones in Washington that believe they can get away with the fleecing of our tax dollars. We’ve had all we can take so we started fighting back.

The Democrats are too stupid to understand that we have a mind of our own, we want a government that represents us, that we can take care of ourselves and we want them to quit stealing our freedoms and spending our money.

They don’t understand this concept so now they have taken to labeling us as “racists”, you know, we the people of a predominately white nation that elected a black man, now we are racist because we want to exercise our 1st amendment rights and tell them that we don’t like what you are doing to our economy or our country.

I for one cannot wait to vote this woman out of office and take her email address off my contact list.

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