Muskegon Tea Party Press Release Regarding Third Party Petition

The Muskegon Tea Party, an affiliate of the Tea Party of Western Michigan, issued the following press release in response to the dubious July filing for an "official Tea Party" in the state. They will have representatives at the 7/23/2010 Board of Canvassers Meeting in Lansing.

Regular communiques such as this one help clarify standing, direction, and intent.


Muskegon Tea Party, Muskegon Michigan
July 22, 2010 PRESS RELEASE

Subject: Formation of political party in Michigan called the “Tea Party”

It is come to our attention that an individual from the other side of
the state is in the process of forming an official political party in
Michigan called "The Tea Party" The petition drive identifies the
group’s address as PO Box 23 in Richville, MI 48757. On Friday the
Michigan Board of State canvassers will be discussing the petition.

The Muskegon Tea Party, nor any tea party we know in Michigan, is
involved with, supports or has collected signatures for this current
petition. We in the Muskegon Tea Party disavow any connection with any
group or groups trying to get a third party on the ballot. We further
feel that using the name “Tea Party” for their 3rd Party is an attempt
to steal our name, which through common usage has come to mean a certain
set of ideas. Those ideas are encased within the term “Tea Party”. We
also believe that in all reality this is an effort to “divide and
conquer”, misdirect and confuse the people of this great state.
In other words this is an effort hijack the name of the tea party
movement by a group that has not revealed itself to, and is not
connected with our group, or any other “tea party” groups that we know

The “tea party” movement was born out of frustration with ever
increasing taxes and government intervention into the economy and our
lives. It is the rising tide of frustration at the ever expanding,
insatiable over-reaching arm of government at the expense of our
shrinking freedoms, is what the term “Tea Party” is universally
recognized to represent. Not a third party.

Nothing the Tea Party does is cloaked in secrecy. But, this whole
petition drive to put a 3rd party on the ballot is totally encased in
secrecy. He has not been able to be reached for comment throughout the
petition process. This individual has not shown the source of his
funding, or explains the reason for placing this on the ballot. In fact,
this effort is seemingly well financed and cloaked in secrecy. While
saddened by the lack of willing and open debate, we nevertheless feel
heartened that our efforts to thwart excessive government have
threatened those who fear our ideas. So they feel they had to resort to
this kind of “base political maneuvering”, and the thievery of our name.
This points to their lack of willingness to operate in the light of

To be clear:
The Muskegon Tea Party does not endorse any movement toward a 3rd
political party in Michigan. This tea party believes that working within
the existing 2 parties is the appropriate way to operate.
Muskegon Tea Party believes that the current move to place this new
party on the ballot is being done to undermine the legitimate and
accepted “Tea Party” name, and meaning of the “Tea Party” label in the
minds of the good voters in the state of Michigan.

We recommend:
1. Muskegon Tea Party recommends that the parties involved in
initiating, and funding this initiative, openly explain their actions /
intents, and reveal who donated the money, for the benefit of the people
of Michigan.
2. We urge the Board of Canvassers, to reject the petitions on the basis
of false representation to the public; and usurping the name of a
current political group (i.e. does this individual truly represent the
views of the accepted Tea Party? If not use another name).
3. We call on the media to investigate this petition drive and find the
source for funding (in-state or out-of-state), and the political
motivation for this 3rd party calling itself the “Tea Party”, and the
reason for its seeming need for secrecy, and deception.

Muskegon Tea Party
Jerry Wildrom – Patriot at Large
Tammy Jager – Treasurer
Chris Kaijala – Secretary
Eric Rothoff – Co Chair
Bob Carr – Chair

For any questions or confirmation, please feel free to contact:
Bob Carr
Muskegon Tea Party Chair
Our Website,
Our mail,
Press release contact: Chris Kaijala, Muskegon Tea Party Secretary
PHONE: 231-903-0884

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