My personal picks for State Chair and Vice Chair positions


Okay Rattlers here goes.  First let me say these are my choices.  Feel a little like the Fox Business panel where they let their "picks" be known and then are open to agree or disgree.


For Chair I am going with Bob Schostak for these reasons:

1. He knows the job, he's done the job, and we need EXPERIENCE for winning results in 2012.  It should be about who is best qualified.


2.  Bob has done his best to accomadate any TP groups that have contacted him to address any questions on ALL issues.


3.  He has committed to continuing the EDO (Election Day Observation) program.  This is a must for the upcoming election.


4.  He understands the need for the TP and the GOP to work together to achieve our common goals.  While we may not agree on everything - there are some major issues we have a total understanding on. 

I have found Schostak to be a good listener - an attribute that has to be in evidence for this to happen.


Administrative Vice-Chair:  Going with Carl Berry.  Carl and I have worked closely over the past 1 1/2 years.  He has attended our meetings and I have attended the Wayne 11th's (where he was district Chair).  Carl has been very fair in including the Tea Party delegates in the convention process and providing information on rules, answering our questions, and even running a mock convention for us who just had to know everything (me to the point of being a pain).

That being said - Carl bring experience to the position.


For Coalition Vice-Chair:  I am supporting Norm Shinkle.  The word coalition means "combining of parties".  While we will never combine - we do need to work together and understand that while we differ on some issues, what we do agree on can only be accomplished by working together. 

Norm was attending Tea Party events before it was poplar to do so.  He helped us defeat the fake Tea Party and I believe has a true respect and understanding of what we want to see accomplished by our movement.


Youth Vice-Chair:  Sarah Ledford.  Sarah is known to many TP leaders and members.  She is a very hard worker and brings new passion and vision to this position.


Grassroot Vice-Chair:  My pick is Steve Kuivenhoven.  Grassroots?  Who better understands the meaning of the word than someone coming from it?  But that being said - Steve is not running as a "Tea Party candidate" but as someone coming from a Tea Party.  Someone who has actively been campaigning. 

Steve has sent out his personal contact info for anyone interested or with questions - to get ahold of him.  He has been showing up at events to introduce himself and actually has a plan on what he wants to see this position do.


For Outreach Chair I am supporting Eileen McNeil.  Got the opportunity to talk with her on why she is running and find out what she stands for.  She met all my expectations and I appreciated the fact that she was actively seeking out leaders to meet and present her goals for the position.


So there you have it - my friends who have asked me who I like.  Remember though the Tea Party movement has always been about encouraging you to do your own research and educate yourselves on all issues and candidates before giving up your precious vote.


Now, more than ever, that vote can change and affect the direction of not only our state but of our country.


Be very careful of someone claiming to be a "Tea Party" candidate and expecting to win on that line alone.  If as an active Tea Party member you have no idea what this person stands for, why they are running, and have no real plan to present - that should be a red flag.


Any last minute "throw my hat in the ring"ers should bear close scrutiny.  These positions have been known for a long time.  Candidates that have availed themselves to the delegates for questions, meet and greets, presenting their reasons for running - that should mean something.


So now I am open for comments, debates and questions.

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Comment by Gene Clem on January 14, 2011 at 3:21pm

Steve Kuivenhoven has also been active in the Kalamazoo Republican Party for over a year and was the campaign manager for the successful run for County Commission by another SW Michigan Patriot member, Phil Stinchcom.  Phil took the seat away from Democrat control thus giving the chair of the commission back to the Republicans.


Steve can "git 'er done"!

Comment by Tom on January 14, 2011 at 2:36pm
I agree with Sharon regarding support for these candidates. Please see my post in the Precinct Delegates" tab. Since Steve Kuivenhoven is the least known of all those running, here is his info:

Candidate for Grassroots Vice-Chair
It’s Our Neighborhood
Grassroots Vice Chair ... shall supervise and direct all activities relating to precinct delegate
recruitment, voter registration, volunteers, and get-out-the-vote efforts....

Active in the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots

“As a consultant to Gunnpoint Music and Ministries of Colorado, I market, manage and produce
concerts. I have become aware of the need for our country’s citizens to get active in protecting
our county and the constitution. As the Grassroots Vice-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, I
will inform and educate new grassroots leaders to assist our Governor in saving our State.”

"Let's take back our country, one neighborhood at a time." Steven Kuivenhoven

• Precinct Delegate and former Delegate to State Convention.
• Recruited volunteers to be Republican Poll Challengers for the November 2, 2010 election.
• Concerned Michigan citizen for more than 30 years.
• Implemented “Positive Motivational Seminars” to benefit residents of the Kalamazoo
Institute for the Blind and inmates at the Michigan State Prison.

Steven Kuivenhoven, 1345 Oshtemo Ridge Trail, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
email: -Phone (269) 9 7 8 -7 2 1 0

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