NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer - Washington Times

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer - Washington Times

This article was written by a former judge, Judge Napolitano, from NJ. It does a great job of explaining where our rights come from and why the second amendment was written and why it is just as valid to day as it was when it was established 222 years ago. It is interesting to note that our government has bent over backwards, not to admit, that the second amendment gives us the right (according to Judge Napolitano)  and some might say, responsibility, to shoot at them , if they become tyrants. When you take the time to study the reasons that our founding fathers put together the greatest government with the greatest set of checks and balances ever devised my mankind, you will forever be impressed by:
1. Their wisdom
2. The fact it is still the best form of government ever devised
And unfortunately
3. That we are, potentially, never more than one generation away from losing it.

I urge you to study and understand the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the and the history and wisdom that our founding fathers utilized in pulling this delicately balanced system of governance for you and me.

Bob Cushman

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