Needed! Parade Marchers and Lit Distributors for the Canton Liberty Fest.

Hello Rattlers,

Time is flying and candidates need our help. Put your signs down and pick up some campaign "stuff" and your walking shoes.

It would be great to give Patrick Colbeck some Rattle With Us support by marching with him this Saturday (the 19th) in the Canton Liberty Fest.

If you don't want to march then you can work the crowd by passing out literature and encouraging folks to vote for someone who really is "one of us."

Know some people are having financial trouble, know some can't go door to door, but can you spare a few hours ONE day to help a candidate we know is what we are asking for as far as representation?

Meet us pre-event at the Super Bowl Bowling Alley (north side of Ford Road, west of Sheldon) at 8:15 AM.

The more the merrier. I've been in one parade for Rodney Nanney and really, it was fun. Politics can be fun sometimes.

Please come out and show your support - it's a long, tough battle running for office but when a candidate sees some support from friends and family, it can go a long way in building the energy and stamina back up.

See you there!

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Comment by patriotm1 on June 19, 2010 at 12:28am
A great idea and good support for the cause. More efforts like this and marching in July 4th parades are needed.
The typical rallies of the past are relatively passive by comparison. By reguarly participating in public events, exposure increases. Great opportunities to bring others into the fold, get out the word, build momentum and motivation.

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