New Third Party in Michigan to Be on 2012 Ballot

First was last year's Fake Tea Party.  Now, this supposedly well healed national organization is making inroads on creating a new Third Party just in time for 2012.  What kind of vote splitting candidate could be introduced by a not-so-iron-clad "apolitical" internet voting process -- especially when so many of the group's backers are Progressives?


Over 68,000 signatures in MI -- like the Fake Tea Party.  Also, it will not disclose its funding or true future intent.

"Americans Elect" claims that they are not another party, just a second process.  Yet they file for party status.  The sniff test is not passed.


So far they are making major progress or have already succeeded  in Nevada, California, Florida, Michigan...hey, wait a minute this is the same rollout pattern as seen in the 2010 nationwide Fake Tea Party effort seen already!!


Add this with the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement and others and things may be getting a little dicey.  Is anyone really following and keeping tally on all the 2012 antics going on in MI and/or nationwide?


The party was granted status on October 4, 2011 in MI.  One of the first six or so states thus far for this group, all 50 states are underway.


Local coverage:


ABC news coverage:


MSNBC news coverage:


So, what's next??


An actual article from the 9/9/2011 Detroit Free Press follows as does a screen shot from the NPV website that shows progress toward their ends.:



National Popular Vote Effort -- aimed at circumventing the U.S. Republic's Electoral College:


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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on November 4, 2011 at 3:14pm
more on the Popular Vote issue can be seen via a past event page here at RWU --- Popular Vote event - Popular Vote vs. Electoral College - Event. There is also an item re: fake Tea Party party in the Blogs or Forum discussions...

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